Friday, February 7, 2014

"The Dark Side of Paradise"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: A Story Poem

 "The Dark Side of Paradise"

Cold and shaking, in the darkening sunlight
We landed here upon this
A tropic and deserted, desert island
My Honey nearly bare
Her bronzed and golden tan
Just an arms lengths away

While we lay upon these, glistening sands
I hear her shadow breathing, now shallow
The full moon rising 
 I am entranced in your endless beauty
As I pull you to shelter 
Beneath, the wind blown palms
If I had anything to give to you

My dear Rose
Besides this deep purple
Rose maybe some of those
Pink Snowballs and a Grape Ne-hi,  no?
Honey I am so sorry, yes
I will just hold you, I will hold you tight
Some hot black coffee than
And a roaring campfire? No?

Hush: she whispered in his ear 
“Just these arms of yours my dear;”  

Than came the silence of the night
The Northern Lights swirl above, as 
I silently notice two shooting stars
And then something that looked like
A pulsing quasar

Things we or I
Would have never had paid attention too
If you were not  lying here, in my weary arms
This was no Love Boat cruise, ah!
 [deep despair]

As I place you in the sand, beneath
Those torn palms, my palms are bleeding still
This bright piece of aluminum
That I have used for a plow
Will now become your headstone

As I lie atop of the heaping mound, of stones
I steadily swat at the circling flies above
I try so desperately to shew them all away
I continually curse; with my weakening breath
My darling’s death
Our misfortunes of what came to be

This was to be our day, and not
Our last day

[Not much time left]  

I feel the pounding in my chest
And time is now my dis-ease…
My disease, he silently chuckles to himself
I see the men of war, floating among
The foaming seas

They encircle this dying ship
As do the hornets do
When they are dinning
On the honey bees

 Amongst the fiery debris
The ship, she strikes a pose
Straight up then, down she goes

And then, the serpent bobs up
His ugly head
That old tyrant of the dead

I sit emotionless and void
At this, my last memory 
On the
Dark Side of Paradise

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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