Friday, February 7, 2014

"Talk to Me"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Reflections From a Disillusioned Poet Preacher

 "Talk to Me"

Talk to me, O’ Lord my God

For I have shouted Him
I have potted Him
And sprouted Him

And I Have even
Doubted Him

Your Word
His words

But yet, I can not forget
About them and him
In the Bible I have read

Not Only of Him
But of, him and them and
Those men who sinned

The Son of God who bled
Those living and
The walking dead

The vineyard that was
Planted; and then
Stolen; hidden from the Son

A gardener who weeps
Our Father who sent those
Guardians; who did, but sleep

Now guarding those golden gates
Angels; who will tie up
The chains of; faith or fates

All around them
The little children
Is it to late; for love?

I worry of their Faith
Their loves and the state
Of their Estates

Those thrown down
Into Hell and how they
Do avail the Dainties and the Swells

Lost turtles surfing upon the serfs
And those who have forgotten about their shells
Those who have lost their homes

Stuck until the soundings of
Those angels’ seven horns

The lonely and the torn
The ones that, Jesus healed
And then sealed

Salvation, can it save?
Can we savor it?

Salvation! If only for once

I could feel it, as more real
For I am a rusted man, of steel

Bound; gagged, roped, and tied
For boldly I have tried and cried

But, yet again I have failed
Again to no avail, yet torn is the Vail

Please! Break the final seal
Pour out your Holy Zealots with their zeal

Whisper to me no more
For defiant I have become

Of those softly spoken words
I am sharpening my tongue

Talk to me

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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