Monday, February 17, 2014

"So What Do You Believe In?"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Reflections of a Discontinued Warrior

"So What Do You Believe In?"

Last night the tear drops fell, as I screamed in utter anger
Although fast a sleep I was, she was wide awake and beside herself 
With fears and tears
That I would go and leave her

She knew not where this was coming from
Or what had brought it on, or what it was
That which I was going through
Or what I was going to do

But, as usual she placed the blame upon herself and left me
See the pain it comes from somewhere deep within
Although she could not know it,  because it was hidden
In my deep, dark, and sorted past

I have taken many lives, and now I am alone at last I
In a protectors role, it is some times necessary to over look
Some of these takings, they were out of mercy, but, yet the last that I took
It was just, and not in or of my nature, It happened so unexpectedly
Quickly drawn upon by friendly fire, by a Gate Keeper
I took that young mans life

Before he could even squeeze the trigger
See he was in love with a young Navy WAVE
Who was being pressured by a Figure Head
I respected this man dearly

But, these thoughts of discontent
I did get wind of, and i turned my head
Now this young man is dead
By my hand but, the Commander he lives on
though my soul it be torn, I was reborn
Now it is only shown, while in my bed

When I am fast a sleep
My demons I alone, “They” I must keep
I was making advancements in my field of course

I swallowed many foolish lies, of Duty and of Honor
Though there are many of us who do it well
Some of us, must go through a living hell
Living secrete lives, and when we are under stress

From our daily living, up sneaks our misgivings 
They attack us, when and where we are most vulnerable
In our dreams, they hide buried in our subconscious minds
Where the truth will always hunt us down
Weather it, for it maybe true or it maybe falsified
Or even a down right lie
But, yet!

This punishment we earn, doing that what we believe in
[The right to Truth, Life, and the Pursuit of Happiness]
Freedom rings for those who dare to hear it
And wish to achieve it

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray
My prey passes me by, and my secretes keep
Let no one enter in
Least they be neutralized

The secrete is the young man did not commit suicide

His life was taken by my hand
And the facts lie hid and buried
In contented lies

 I was let go under doctors lies, and alibi’s
And now I live a life of discontent
So what do you believe in?

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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