Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Heralding Knights' Unfold"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: A Story Poem A Foiled Satanic Ritual, About to be Preformed on the King's Twin  Daughters

"Heralding Knights' Unfold"


Sweet and slowed, crushed the Red Pepper

A little drizzle of salt for mirrored mate's

Buttered Bread is sugared and jammed

They are so disorientated, oh how Black Coffee burns

Buttered Toast now, chilled and blushed

None of these, their heathens hesitated

Their dinner shall be served upon them

Gossamer wings, their fetters mated

A nineteen year old vixen laced

The other unstained, but restrained

White and yellow roses strewn about

Fangs and claws are groomed and polished

Musical flutes; no strings, one or two tambourines’

Darkness falls, torches lit, drums roll, glowing eyes

Flaxen hair, golden blonde’s soon to be straw berried

And many times dipped into; a multitude of juices

Living tables; undressed but, not yet decimated

Guests, kiss and tongue these living suits pared

Children’s elixirs’ dissipates; head to toe, two victims

Now aware; but immobilized, so lonely

Silent tears roll upon their rosy cheeks

Drums and hums, forcibly entertain them

Movement ever so slight now; dinner is called
Fears strong arms and legs; they are re-roped and tied

Partakers have come to dance; children’s hearts, oh how they race

Scared stiff and silent, glimmering knives and spearing forks

Scraped together besides them, twin climaxes are unfolding

Sixty relentless hands; rub upon them gently, to entertain

The Guests’ are now being seated, silence falls once again

One last time their heads, raised high, eyes are tightly clamped

The evening air is damp, hoods fall upon the heathen’s backs

The King’s men delay their attack, then heathens close their eyes

And tilt back within their seats, their chins to the skies, they cry

Lucifer hear our praise, extended arms at their sides, their fingers they snap

Then Singing Saber Blades, swung by men dressed in purple and gold; unfold

Unarmored heads begin to roll, slow motion scene's

Unseen, by sisters wishing for salvation; just now, being seen

Fountains’ of sprouting droplets; defile, these living tables

Believed to be dead, by Crimson’s Pepper’s guards; who were very able

Old Red Pepper’s daughters are not found dead

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Thank you for the read Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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