Monday, July 28, 2014

"An Angel's Cry"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

As the Poet begins to write one of his very first poems. He begins to witness the fallen angel's, that Donald saw fall from Heaven, and then their encasement into the City of Atlantis, by God's Holy Spirit. As seen through the eyes of the Angel Donald, when at first it was seen and witnessed by him.

i’ve been alive three hundred thousand plus years

i've witnessed all that I can

i’ve seen a single tear amass and turn into streams

 When rivers they become

Filling the depressions upon the lands

 Lakes they became

Dammed up unwilling to break

 When broken torrents they became

Rushing the land masses cutting and gorging the lands; as with hands

Mighty rivers streaming to the seas; they became oceans

A falling angel not yet fallen

 A brother of the mighty Michael

The one who cast that old Dragon out

That sinful devil; so full of pride

 It is he they hide me from

Because from betwixt his lips, he did but dare kiss me

 With a lie

they will take Him from Us they will you know"

These humans, they must go

We were first you know this much, is true

The Mighty One has uncannily harmed Us by letting them reproduce

Let Us not take the hurt

A war We must make

We deserve Our just desserts

i was thrown from heaven; down to the earth by my dear brother

Our Lords Warrior”

and one other

Before the war: Lost in the aftermath


The Great War

Micheal's brother, his mind erased of all but where he came from

And not why he is here now

my God He hides His face from me, and i do not understand

my wings have been torn away

 Away from me they are

For i am no more a citizen of Heaven's sweet land

But, now a citizen of this earth

 Yet , my reproduction is given me

 Just not my rebirth

i’ve been walking this ball of clay for umpteen years

 Without my brothers or sisters; if you will

Now all of us, just lambs


A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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