Friday, October 26, 2012

Hey All How you Doing? Fine I Hope!

Well I am Back at It. Blogging away and Adding content and Pages. Oh and Promoting! As the winter months near. I become home bound; because my Back doesn't fair well in the rapidly changing air. Cool to warm , warm to hot, and so forth and so forth. I thank GOD for Vemma and the ability to afford It. I Got at Least three people buying, but I only have three of them on one side of my Team which is a two Legged Team. So it is hard to earn any commissions just yet. That will pay for all that I do invest in the Program right now. as I am Helping build two of my younger children's teams too.

 If I could build some more on my left side and find a Builder or two. I could earn enough to Pay for my product and for all that I am buying from my two children's down-lines. As I am setting them up for a Job in Direct selling Under their dear old Dad. They are still too young and under their Mother's control to do anything on their own and they live in another city and we don't have the advantage or luxury of daily anytime contact.

I can't afford to carry them for long. But I was hoping to have built my Left leg a lot quicker than I have been. But I had to move again too, and I am not able to drive, nor do I own a car now. Or Can I leave the Country on Business either. As I am suspended for child Support! Which I have never Missed because I am on Social Security Disability and they have Paid every month since day one of my Divorce. The laws suck in Indiana for the Father. They truly do. But that's another story for another day. 

So as I was saying before that snuck up and burst-ed out of me. Regressed anger with the legal system; I guess? I am back to working pretty much daily at trying to grow my Footprints and Traffic Wheel. I have been doing just that these last several days with some Blogger Video Blogs. I still need to get some quality Products that I earn directly from other than Vemma or some higher paying affiliate Programs. And get them placed into the side bars. But I do have a good head start on it as of today.

Once again I will need to sit down and reschedule posting and creating time periods for the week. As this will become much like a Nine to Five six day a week JOB. Passive Income is Not Passively Made! It takes Lots of Work or Money to get them up and running and then producing. These new pieces of real estate will fast become dormant or run down and out. becoming dated by all the competing sites. That are never ending and being dump upon the World Wide Web daily.

There are many reasons people will fail, but the number one is it won't happen over night for most all of them; and almost 97% will give up within their first six months. I am going on year # 3 and I am just now seeing tenths of pennies turning into Pennies Nickels and Dimes.

Three years! Yup threes years. Now mind you I am on Disability and have many things holding me down, down, down. Lack of Money the drugs I was taking for Pain that have clouded my mind to who knows what end. The lack of income and motivation that goes hand in hand with being in my position. Losing a Home and everything again or rather just walking away from it! etc.etc.

Yes I am a slow learner and that makes me a slow earner. But it makes me a earner none the less. And that will be residual earnings. And the Knowledge gained for the doing is Priceless for it will allow me to duplicate and repeat as often as I feel the need to increase or replace income.  Priceless is the gift of such wisdom!

Well Keep an eye out for future postings and writes. Their coming soon! Because I need a change don't you?

CYA Later Taters!

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man