Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey All How You Doing? Fine I Hope If Not, Make It So!

Just stopping bye; Letting you all Know I am still here, still trying, still learning, and burning the midnight oil.
Sometimes you'll have to fail a bit before you begin to get It! Keeping the Faith, Passion, and the Fire going and growing.

You have to grow a little before you succeed some. And growing comes with pain, blood, sweat, and tears. And most of us have become cream puffs and quit way to early. Some of us will quit when we are but a step away from reaching our success. Coming so close only to let it slip right through our fingertips.

But! Never fear there is always tomorrow to begin again and to figure It out! To achieve that Desired win/ win.  As I have said in the past we fail for many reasons not of any of the fault of the systems; that we might be using. But for the desire and the fire that burns within ourselves. The fear of Success is a damning thing to hold on to! You must let that fear above all others go. For if you don't overcome this fear you will never succeed.

Most of us are, but a person, place or thing or system away from reaching our said Goal or goals.

We fail subconsciously because of an unsaid or unspoken fear. Its not physically audible to our physical ears. We hold It within our subconscious minds; for what- ever reason that we may have. And there for we do fear our success. Why? Because there are those among us who wish for us to fail. And do so whisper their sweet requests endlessly into our subconscious minds.

Well success brings more responsibilities. You might be hearing them whisper. Yes you will have more things and even more people to watch after and monitor or provide for; with your success. You might fear being the care taker of great wealth and possessions.

You might fear losing that which you have gained. Or you may even fear or feel guilty because of your success. Maybe you fear the loss of certain friends. Which does often happen and is a real possibility.

You may even have a deep belief that it is Biblically wrong for you to be rich. And this is a falsehood! I personally believe that the Devil himself has propagated this lie and keeps many of the children of GOD down with it. But whatever your unsaid fear is! You know it! So you must verbalize It and dismiss It from your subconscious Thinking !

Now this may not be easy at first, but you must at least Identify It and Verbalize It! So you can Physically challenge It from time to time until you are able to conquer It.

Once you do so you will see an instant increase in your belief to succeed. Desire is but another side of that "Coin of Doubt". We all have desires that wain, fade, and die, If we are unable to keep them fed.

And we need a very strong "Why" to feed our desires. While our successes are barely seen, slow in coming, or why we are traveling up a new hill; and it seems to much for anyone to bare. 

People the Devil and his minions want you to fail. And they try to and there for do keep you failing. They know If you succeed that you will end up blessing others, with your new found successes. Making their Job much harder to keep doing. Which is to keep the Vail of Truth covering their little children eyes. Keeping them from knowing or believing in themselves. As to who they are, and where they are, and why!

You and I are a child of the living GOD and you have been deceived by one of HIS Son's into believing this lie. That we all have lived here in this world or this plain of existence call Earth. There is much more to this world then we know! We are constantly living in fear of What Ifs or Maybes. If you are honest with yourself you will see the blurred truth become clearer daily.

We are here to succeed. To help others succeed in learning the truth of the False Gods world. Once we do begin to succeed and over come. We are attacked all the more once we do start to succeed so get ready for it.

This is the test of fire that purifies the gold and strengthens the steel within us all. You don't have to believe in GOD for HIM to bless you. And/ or for Him to use you; to cause the correction to come to pass.

HE is the creator of all things seen and unseen. And will use whom HE wishes to, He will Bless whom He wishes to, and HE will Correct all who are here. And He  will test them all as well too. As well we all will be Judged of all that the Devil has accused Us of. And who he has claimed for himself.

GOD the Father and Creator; HIS wish as He has made it known to us through scripture is. That none shall parish! That is None of HIS little children. For One has already been condemned to parish.

That One is the Son of Perdition who is Satan. As a child of GOD you are to live this life here within the fallen prince's world; to the fullest and with great abundance, or rather to live it more abundantly. So I know that GOD is my Father and I will over come if not here today; then on the Last Day.

I am trying my best to make it so and these the statements that I have just made and that I have stated are the reasons why; I believe and do as I do. The Why I will succeed. If not Today then upon the Last Day.

Keep on Keeping on People! Know everyone here has a right to success, because they are a child of the living GOD and not that of the Devil. Reclaim your Souls right to its Creator. Its Father and Be all that you were meant to be!

CYA Later Taters
Seek and You Shall Find! Knock and the Door will be Opened!

Sinbad the Sailor Man/ Donnie

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