Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hey All How Is Your Life Going?

Well I am doing fine I guess. I am a little peeved at myself about the other day. I broke the mother board in my new windows system computer; while trying to change the little CPU battery. I snap that sucker right off.

So I had to order another refurbishment an IBM Think Centre. And that set me back 150.00 bucks for what should have cost only as much as seven dollars, but Stuff Happens and things change.

No Crying over spoiled milk. Oops I made another mistake and I am not the only one who has every done it. I'm sure. But on the other side. I got my White Boards and dry ease pens. I hung them tonight and I hope to get some good videos created here soon.

But I don't have any way to edit those that I do make yet, so I have to send ya what I get when I start. And I will have to build another Bogger Blog too. To place my new video Blog posts in. And I will need some batteries for my FlipCam it likes to eat them up pretty fast. I new some rechargeable batteries and a Tri-pod.

Plus I'll need to get organized again to share my info correctly. That most likely won't happen here anytime soon but I'll give it a shot. I placed a Craiglist Ad the other day before I tore my computer up. I was going to run it all this month But my funds are gone now. It was for Vemma  Leaders.

I am looking for the right people to come and join me in this product usage and referral program. I think its going places next year and in a big way. Well I am about to pass out So I am going to go to bed CYA Later Taters.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man