Monday, December 19, 2011

Use this Quick Checklist to Analyze Yourself and Your Own Blog

First of All ask Yourself Some Simple Questions

1. How well is your Blog structured?

2. Have you clearly identified your audience?

What is it, that it is that they desire from your site, Blog, and/or page. What is in it for them? As the client, reader or subscriber, when it is that they do come to your Blog etc.? Do you have a call to action? Is your Blog outstanding or so, so?

Maybe It is in the middle of the road. What are you doing differently from the others within your Niche? Find this out and note It, journal It, record It! Are you selling the right things?

The things that you are talking about or relating to. Are these things the most profitable and the easiest to deliver? And are they relevant to your topic or topics. Note what are the best things you are interlacing, promoting, and offering in your niche? Note what your visitors, subscribers, and customers are asking you for and about.

Have you a clear purpose for each of your web pages? If Not it better be for the purpose of entertaining your reader in the stuff that you are talking about always. If it is not guiding them to the next step and or level. You will need to paint them into the Birmingham (picture). Make them see themselves in that picture. At all cost as for them to be able to do It, receive It, and to accomplish It.

Have you defined the action(s) that you want your visitors to take?
Do you provide quality information on these steps and/or actions. You must guide them or better yet make them seek what is that you are offering, but not to hard or you'll lose them.

Are you building your lists? If Not! Why NOT! Are you selling a product or service? Are you gathering referrals, leads, and partners?, Are you building a relationship with your readers? Have you built credibility and authority within your niche?

Okay so maybe #2 is a little over daunting at first glance.
Hey Don't Sweat IT! Get over IT!
I said there was work involved, I never promised you a rose garden. And even If I did they take alot more work then this Stuff does. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is what is hidden beneath the waterline that requires the labor intense stuff. The things that you will need help with from others and believe me your going to need alot of help and answers to your questions.

Okay where were we? Have you promoted your success? Through the correct channels? Have you mentioned the receiving of any Awards, or have you been Featured-in Articles, Blogs, TV, Radio, or a Youtube channels? Do you have your own Channel(s) and are you using them? Are you noting you success in the Search Engines?

I hope you do realize that you are building an asset that you can sell later If you wish to go that route? Did you know that you are going to need more than one website if you want to make money from blogging? It may not have to be another one that you create or have created for yourself, but you are going to need another website, Blog, squeeze page, or forum to help you and your blog along. These could be your profile pages from your Social Networked Sites: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, or even other Blog sites such as Tumbler etc.etc.

How good is your copy written? Are you doing it all your self? Have you lined anyone up to help you out yet? They are thousands of Freelancers all over the world to help you or that will do it for you for a price. If Not you need to ask yourself some more questions my friends.

How Good is Your Copy? Be Honest with Yourself

Does your writing stand out amongst the crowd? Do you provide proof either through testimonials, comments, featured articles, endorsements, and/ or statistics? Do you do this in Text, Audio, and Video format? Are you able to do this in all formats? Are you Mobile ready?

Is Your Call to Action Clear?
Do you understand what it is, and are your customers clear on what it is?

Does your offer/provide great value? Does every single one of your webpages have a benefit-laden headline? Do you demonstrate how you are standing out in your niche? Do your products and/or services have a reputation? Is it one that you have built, provided, and/or are claiming? What is your proof of and to these claims, that you are making about your products/services?

Are your Call to Actions Above the Fold? Are you sure? Do you make no-brainer offers with clear directions to the next step and/or level? Even for your basic needs such as your E-mail opt-ins?

Are you enthusiastic about your site, blog, offer, Products and/or Services; as well as your reputation, but rather than provide enthusiasm without substance, make sure that your substance is substantial. And somewhat subliminal, as to not tell the visitor or customer what to do, but rather why they should do what it is that you are offering.

Do you write the way you speak? I always do this. It is sometimes frown upon, depending on how it is you are speaking, avoid Jargon, Street Talk, and by all means Text Talk. Don't talk above the teenagers readability level and never talk down to your readers. Not to technical and never dumb It down for them. Encourage them to advance forward always. Some things, some of Us will never get! It is above our need to know, so we won't seek to know it. And most of Us will desire not to clutter our minds with such massive amounts of information. As this will detract from what it is that we wish to learn and do.

Well I am ready to hit the sack or watch some TV maybe a little, before I jump or rather crawl into bed. Good night sleep tight and don't let those bed bugs bite.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man