Thursday, December 15, 2011

Branding Strategies; Do as I Do, and Not as I Say!

Brand Strategies 

View the world through your customers eyes. This is both critical and highly challenging. Where are they? Who are they?

Why are they even interested in you and/ or your Brand? 

What are they thinking and is it aligned with yours? Which direction are they heading? Which direction is available to them through you and your Brand's visions and/or missions?

You need to define and understand these segments which make up these your customers mind sets as they will steer them on and off your course.

As Humans we mostly choose to follow the heard. For to separate from it; we then become fearful and for good cause. There is safety in numbers as well as instantaneous death when one is alone in the jungle of life.

You need to now your competition, as well as you know your self; if at all possible know them better.

Some of the strategies consist of Consumer Research, competitive/ channel research, Data Bases, Analysis, Customer segments, ie. Age, Race, Sex, Locations, Desires, Wants, Needs, Beliefs.

Your market positioning, and your ability to move within and without these positions.

Your Brand development plan.

Knowing Its/ your strengths and weaknesses. Your products, and their life spans and/or flexibility/ purpose.

How to expand your Brand / and how to license your brand.

Intelligent and Purposeful Design

Your, every communication, transaction, and public viewing and/or statement.

Now has become a testimony to you and your brand. Branding ones self can be a detrimental thing; "IF" care is not taken; and then maintained.

Damage control will be needed from time to time. As people, we tend to forget easily the good that you may have done, but will strive to high-light, and to note, and publicize the mistakes and blunders that you will inadvertently, make.

Always they will do this because we all make them (blunders and mistakes)

And we all tend to point fingers at everyone except ourselves. But note: when we do we have three fingers pointing right back at us. You need an Identity; preferably a corporate one which is professionally maintained.

Your design, will need to be of an interactive nature. Not only of a retail nature, but of an environmental one; as of yesterday we are vastly becoming a green society. Be highly visible and some what transparent.

Have you clear Sales and Marketing Strategies and Return Policies in place? Be clear; be very clear with your communications.

You cannot! I'll repeat this, you cannot do this alone! Or even within an individual world wide company. You will need to have joint venture partners and colleges.

The Demand for the Brand 

Knowing this is half of your battle plan. Getting from point A to point B is not always a direct and straight path forward there is a lot of back peddling, side stepping, as well as some bowing out. There will be detours along the way.

There Are Always; Detours / Obstacles

After all it is the survival of the fittest, in this our world that we live in today.

It Has Always Been This Way!

Why do you think our Governments have let us become and keep us all so fat and/ or needy?

Depending always on them or looking to them for guidance or help. We are out of shape all of us in some way or another here in America today; as well as all the rest of "Us" the worlds peoples'; or should I say sheepfolds.

The Wolves Have Fatten Us Up and Have Been Picking Us Off One by One Daily

And we are none the wiser. United we stand, and divided we shall fall. So we too must have a Market Plan and develop our own campaigns, our own strategies, our own promotions and have the ability and the know how; to advertise to the masses.

Today This Is Done With Digital and Socialized Media

Which lead us all; around by our noses, our bellies, and/ or our lusts.
For we are all so Vain that we think everything is about us the individual.

Will They Miss You When You are Gone?

Is what It is that you give, providing, or preparing them, with any real value to/for them?  

It Must Be So or you are wasting your Time and we all have just so little of It! (Time)
After we first realize that our time is limited.

Will your customers feel the loss of your products, services, and Ideology if your were to go belie up today, tomorrow, or in the near future?

Let's face It some of us are chained to our Favorite Brands and would rather do without them, then try to use another. I know I am! I stand by my favorite Brands and their reputations and their track records.

Don't get me wrong if they fail too often; and do it continuously, their gone! But that doesn't mean I will instantly find a replacement for them. After all there is only One Coke and One Pepsi and I like certain Condiments over the others, hands down.

A Certain Mustard, Ketchup, Salad Dressing, or Cheese

And if I can't get them I very rarely will use another. Is this just me? I think not. We form bonds to our favorite brands. We are loyal in nature to those who are faithful and true to us. Or who have fooled us into believing they are.

Which is an ever increasingly harder thing, for them to do!(Fool us once /Shame on Us)

As we are highly mobile today, and bombarded with many, many; almost to many choices.

Today's Consumers are Becoming Better Aware of Their Choices!

And they are making them better, smarter, (more aware of) and faster then ever before.
You need to be adaptable and ready to go on the fly. Approachable, and Immersed in the life styles of your customers.

You will need to become a brand builder who is statistically and action minded from point of contact; to point of sale, and then some.

Today's customer wants and desires a "Relationship" with their Brand's and their providers. And the Brands of tomorrow are starting to give this to them; today.

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