Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Personal Review of My New Build and Its Products!

I am trying a new Product Line with and Income Earning System to use for my Passive Income Streamed Website.

If you are looking for a review on this same type of Product and/or its Income Builder system which is an MLM or Multi level Marketing System, here is mine It will start off with what I already know of these types of business models. There are many places that you can find one (a review that is) on this type of company. My new build will be with the company Vemma.

This company provides you with a great opportunity to promote a great product, and earn money. This is a product that is something that many people are looking for. And it is much easier to promote a product that you believe in then one you are ify on or are not totally in love with. So what is this product? And what can Vemma offer you or me?

This Vemma review of mine will show you that this company is about health, wellness, Charitable Sharing and caring. For Its customers and Its Brand partners. They not only have and market a great product line that every one can and should use today, but there is something else that many people get very excited about. They offer you a chance to earn from Home to open your own business with these great products and their trusted brand; as of today's review Sunday, December 25, 2011 I have been pre-sold. Now remember I am slightly bias yet, because I am seeking to become a Brand Partner.

Remember that I have been speaking to you for a while now of Just doing It! And that you must Do It in order to learn to do it right. So why am I willing to try and do this when I know there is a 95% rate of failures with any MLM Modeled Business? For one there is a health and wellness movement occurring in many places right now today, not only here in America but all over the world. And you and I can capitalize on this by becoming a part of the Vemma Company as she is still in the start up phases. As a self employed individual business (a store front) or Band Partner. Or just a customer of a great product.

When you are looking at Vemma’s information you will want to learn as much as you can about this product, and the business promotion side or builder, not the product line or merchandise its self. You will never want to become a part of any system that you do not fully believe in, or yet understand and when you do your research about the Vemma products you will understand how easy they are to promote. But to do so with great results you will need to listen, watch, and learn to do the system correctly.

As with any MLM there are secrets and tricks to the trade as there is with any trade or skilled Labor. Such as a Doctor, Lawyer, Machinist, or Computer Programmer. Not everyone will be able to walk in from off the street and Do these trade Jobs and do them well enough to produce a fast and proper response. I mean of course to earn the money. Plan on spending more in the beginning then you shall earn. This is the case with all business.

Remember to get the full amounts or the so called bonuses that you will need to maintain your rate of volume sold to retain your commissions (pay) You need to move product and maintain your product stores. This is a program where you will need to use the product, you don't have to personally consume It, but you will need to purchase It and move It. Know this up front to make the big money you must move the product! You earn by Volume sold either by yourself and/or your down-lines or whatever they are calling them these days.

Now remember this is only part of the deal you still need to promote and bring others into the business under yourself. You'll have to maintain your down-lines keep people earning and learning as you also keep them motivated and doing the same. Most of the 95% fail rate is not with you your self, but with those you bring into the program. So choose them wisely many see the dream and desire it, but are not sold or have enough belief to sell themselves; you must get them to the point of no return. As the Brick and Mortar people are or you must be blatantly Honest and Extremely helpful nursing them along until they can stand and walk alone.

I have always preferred to be blatantly Honest, but I am not living in the past; mind you. Now I was not willing to nurse people at least not all of them. Some people are just whiners, crybabies, or plain lazy. I know it has not gotten any better here today; this pool of people, to choose from, but what has gotten better is you don't have to find them all yourself anymore. You still have to sell them either with the product or both the service and product. It takes money to make money. This is a law of business it is not negotiable.

But One can learn to do just about anything or learn just about any trade. “If” they have what it takes; along with the desire to do so. Every one of us wants to be Wealthy and Healthy, but Case in point we aren't; why? Because when it comes right down to It. We truly have not found the way in which we wish to become so.

A brain twister; I know, but it is the truth! We are not ready or willing just yet, to be where we wish to be. Or we are not interested in the method of how we must get there; for whatever reasoning we have. Throw all your personal ideas out the window right now; about how it is done or how it should be done. Because this is How it is being done; by those earning the money.

Fear is the number one reason we pull back; from our reaching out. Then some of us will get the guilt complex going or think we are scamming people, we are not! These MLM systems are complex, but it is fair and legal in this world. And if we aren't making the money that allows us to make a impact on the things we wish to change. We can not make a change.

The world while we are broke, will continue on with out us, as it is, and there will be no one to create the change. And we will often get to doubting ourselves and the belief that we can succeed. These are the only things which can stop us completely. Our desire, our why, and our belief.

There are others that can and will try; to slow you down or make you quit. Don't fall victim to these and you will always succeed at anything you do. Remember that Money is not the root of all evil; the love of It and Its power is, for it is only a tool. One that we all need to work the works that we need to do; to make ourselves Happy!

Nutritional products have been around for a very long time, but Vemma has a new a project which is on the cutting edge. Their products which are kept up to date and stay forever one step ahead and competing with other brands, that have not yet enter into Vemma’s class or arena.

Many of the nutritional supplements that are available today; are not up to date or organic (natural), this is a turn off to many consumers these days, because we are all tired of being sick Fat and tired all the time. When you and/or your potential customers really learn about the Vemma products you and they will be intrigued to say the least.

Okay these reviews are going to take up alot of space so I will be using them as blog posts to help my traffic wheel get to turning once again so be sure to look for the other blog posts that I write. Check them for links so that you can stay a breast of what is going on with Vemma and me.

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