Thursday, October 28, 2010

Posting Widgets and External Links

Hey Guys, you really need to check and re-check your works when adding new links out from your Pages and Sites, into other Sites onto the Web click on them to make sure their working, But *remember do not click on your ads never*.

I have tonight just found out, I have not install my Widgets properly and some of my links which would have been earning me money have not been because they were broken if they were properly installed. Remember I have learning disabilities and physical disabilities that hamper my progress so you should do much better when reading and applying the techniques from the vendors documentation.

I thought I had my Amazon Associates Widget up two months ago I did in one part on my Web site but I thought it was in this Blog as well it was not they split the Ids and I have one for each site Duh that makes sense, but I don't read everything and get it on the first few tries. I have to keep reading and re-reading till I know its right. And that sometimes takes me a lot of re-visitations to the vendors materials, I know I am not the only one But it is something I know I must do, but for one reason or another I never seem to do. So I think I got it right tonight if I did there should be a Widget next to this post or a link in this post that will take you to the Widget, I hope. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man:

Okay It is working I put up three tag like links tonight, but I would only suggest one tag per post it begins to look a little tacky I think.

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