Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man

Hello All, My Name is Donald, Beres Jr I am trying to build a website and earn some kind of extra income to add to my Social Security Disability income, as in todays economy times are rough and money is tight. I have been trying for some time half heartedly since 2001, but this year I think the Lord has put me onto a path that will bring results. I have had this personal website for awhile and never could get it up and running until July 3rd. 2010

I am going to post the sites blog entries here to document what it is and how it is evolving. So here it goes. I'll start with what I have left as some of it is gone because of lotted space by the Web Host.

I'll try to clean these older post up so they make a little better sense and or spelled a little better For you Guys reading them today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ran into some snags
My laptop is down, windows XP got infected. I am using the Library's computers they are using LINUX having problems at every turn. Donnie/Sinbad
Tue, June 22, 2010 | link

To view Completed poems and poems in progress
Please Go To Neopoet.com and search sinbadthesailorman
Tue, June 22, 2010 | link

Hey guys I am trying, but funds are low and I may need to change the web sites Host
or the type of site, to do what I am wanting to do here with this site. I am working on getting a new Laptop and Home System going. It will take some time because of my tight budget and the inability to find extra income because of the times and the economy's tightness. I'll shout at ya later Sinbad/ Donnie
Tue, June 22, 2010 | link