Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Sunday, July 25, 2010
Hi all How you've all been I am busy, Busy, busy!

My Twitter account has started to grow daily now so I am keeping an eye on it. I have had several spaming attempts already by different accounts, it is same exact content which will then start sending you more followers with the same content different accounts and Icons they eventually are clogging and bogging your account, as so it is no good to your other traffic followers.

My Facebook account and fan pages are still growing slowly but steadily, so I've been posting at my two PPC Publishers and they both are pretty good. I am happy with them thus far. I have 51 articles on the one Publisher's site and 51, on the others site.

I am working the traffic end, which means I post a flood on my twitter account in the early morning once and throughout the day I try to find related topics and pop my content in after a quick re-tweet of, their content or like content.

This has been working so far and rather well. Well I lots to do and and I am doing it crazily as each day the views are growing . I'll try to get back faster then every 6 days if I can!

Watch the site as it shall be changing with added content and new postings of publications of my works.

Search my posts for hints and links to my Blogs and their postings. Where there are suggestions and helpful ideals and new sites and nuggets of wealth.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Stay real, and true to yourself always.
Sun, July 25, 2010 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Howdy Every body what's up?

Well while I was out and about the Inter Net these past few days, I found some other sites to check out and on. Adbrite.com and AdvertiseSpace.com and then Digg.com and Stumbleupon.com all interesting sites.

And I have sign upped with StumbleUpon and AdvertiseSpace I am here today to place various content within the site and as I receive more tips and tricks, I'll bury them here in the sands of my Social Networking sites and blogs.

Hints and tips, into this site and its pages and with links. I will need to do this to keep the ad's being placed in it for you and I will need content.

And this content needs to give something to you the readers. So Free! It is, but it will cost you some time for you will need to seek it out as a Mad Treasurer Seeker would! For I had too!

And I buried it through out this site, and it's blogs and the social networks where I play and their Blogs or Walls and Rollers.

This is my treasure map which will only get fill with treasure as I go out and seek it, steal it, copy it, and place it here for you to find.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man
Mon, July 19, 2010