Monday, March 7, 2011

Why is this My most Important Blog?

Well for one it is Monetized, which only means it is able to make money not that it makes mountains of money. That only happens when impressions are made on the ads and this would have to happen every minute of the day to make enough to make a living, but this is only one part of the income stream I have and it does and it will have greater potential to earn for me as it and I grow.

This Blog is a stop off on the income stream or the traffic wheel that I am and have been building and putting to work. I am still creating it, it is only about nine months old now and I have two others at that are not monetized yet, I will do that when their traffic stats indicate it is time for that and that will be done at or so I am told that is where I'll have to do it.

But, this Blog contains most of what is at these other two Blogs do  and they are a stop offs or landing pages for my website. This Blog will be the first to make the pennies from all this traffic I am driving in a circle with hints and tips and poetry and articles.

This is one of those places where I am telling those who read my writes and poetry and other stuff what it is that I am trying and doing to drive this traffic and get my SEO working for these sites, that I am at and working and playing around with. X marks the spot I think that is what you see on a treasure map. I think of it right now more as one mans garbage is another mans treasure.

I am A search-able website with several SEO devices working within and with out of it which aids in driving traffic to my three hubs of this traffic wheel. This is the site where my writes and some hints and tips are laying around right in front of your eyes. I am not going to tell you all, but I will tell you some things. No one told me and I picked it up and you can too. Its free information right now and will be for some time, but you will have to search it out and dig it up.

This Blog is my beta my test run it is what I am testing and trying as, I am earning while I am learning and so can you! It is work I won't lie too you. You will need to read and pay attention to the details, but it is not hard stuff for anyone that has the desire to create a web site and a traffic wheel with income streams Come and Play, Grow as you Go, come follow me and explore the possibilities, there everywhere and I love to share what I have learn and what is working. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man