Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello All, How are you Doing Today?

Well a quick little post here to give ya all, some idea where I am and what it is I am currently doing with all this stuff!

That I am trying to do. Well if you have found one of my three websites for PW&OSfStSM at their Web addresses or their Dot's which are Dot COM, Dot Net and Dot ORG You would have started trying to decipher what it is that I am trying to do which is to help others find and start a passive income stream or ten or twenty of them, and secure a future for them selves.

Now this will not come to you easily or without much work or expense. The work is easy, but it is time consuming and/or expensive to get it up and running and then up to speed. Doing it with Money is like adding super grow to your flowers or other plants. This fertilizer which is rather expensive for the average everyday person, these things that you are trying to grow and to get to reproduce require much care.

Like fruit trees these living entities require much care and nurturing, but once they mature they produce in high volumes and mass quantities, bringing forth yields that repeat time and time again or with in their seasons or their life times. How long they live is up to you.

My Baby started to grow about a year ago, but she was here on the inter-net for a year before that. She was just sitting there looking like a dead plant. It is hard sometimes to tell them apart a dormant plant or a dead one. Seeds can be tricky to a lay person who is not in the know.

She is now this month of July, going into her second year of growth. She has grown from a single Web address into three web addresses, She is some what branded and she is highly search-able, She has over ten passive income streams that seem to be dry upped, but their beds are damp hinting at a rainy season or the coming of a flash flood warning. Which is always lingering about.

Droughts are to be expected for you must also provide an irrigation system sometimes for these precious entities when they are yet in their youth. These Sites that you are trying to grow you and I know as well as everyone else knows these living things are worth the effort and care. But look around not every one is designed to be a parent to these needful creatures and most of us don't understand them as needful we only see the mature sites which tower above the saplings.

It is not that we are lazy well for some of us it is because we are lazy but more often then not it is because we just don't know or understand how to do it and fail to try because of our ignorances to these new creatures who give so much in return once they too have matured to fruit baring age.

So don't think that the fluke or the over night success stories are common place they are not! And they are common to those who have done it at least once before and have been doing It since this living vine has come about to the General Public or the World Wide Community of users.

It will grow if you care for It and it is an unknown seed until it matures enough to be defined in most cases. The Vine is new and it grows like a weed which spiders crawl upon every second of every day.

I have added an Amazon widget at the bottom of my Blogs page with some of the many Books I have skimmed through and over they are very helpful to have lying around, when you are first starting up and out. You need not buy them. If you have a local Library in town, but be forewarned they are often times checked out and on reserve to be viewed by others.

Well that's enough for this post, as I am in need of some Ice cream or something sweet. Thanks for reading and comments are always welcomed. I am busy very busy so I am sorry for the gaps in posting, but I am still posting elsewhere.

Use the links in the side bar to find more detailed information's. Remember I don't hand out the cookies, but I will help make them for ya or at least give you the most important ingredients. If you can pay attention to the small details and the things that are right in front of your eyes you shall do very well.  


Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man