Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"How Can This Human Heart Resist?"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?


Well as some songs go
Does anyone truly know?

They often just fade away
Some even fall far from the sun's golden rays

Forever never seeing the light of a new day; they've lost all hope
Others even get hooked on alcohol and/or dope; they've forgotten about prayer

They sit around and around always wearing their frowns
As a king does his crown; tilted just a little to one side

Re-living their past love affairs
Where there is left no air or Ares

Spirits sunk into the mire
Heartless, tired from lack of desire

They would die if the flesh would let them; some eventually do
Others their spirits just will not let them; and they don't
Yet, deep down inside souls burn forth with

Re-birth within their dying embers
A thought sparks hope and what is left of their desires

A seed is planted; a hatch-ling begins to breathe
The breath of air is this; that there is someone out there

As the fire-bird from these ashes did rise
So too a willing young Phoenix, may yet fly

We broken heart-ed souls can not stand to be sold or told
Nay not for a Love that was purchased so cheap
Even when the match was lit from heaven

These lost mates would wish you a better fate
These lovers would bid you to go onward with their quest

To dispel the Dark Princes decrees
For he always shouts! This; it was not meant to be

Punch that Sucker right in his mouth
And continue to breathe the God giving air

This I dare say is what a true lover wishes for their departed mates
Cuss the foolish fool who beckons to fate; before its to late

Remember for a heart to be truly broken, it first must be bound
To a Soul, a mate that was never truly found; but offered up

Then again mate do Souls truly exist?
Well how can they in a world of UN-Spirited men?

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man