Sunday, March 22, 2015

Master Mind Groups The Mansions On the Hills

Hey All Created a New Blog this Past week It is about Master Mind Groups and Learning personalities.

It features a Site Called the Vision Project. It is a (503)c Non profit Organization which Helps people with systems, as well it helps supports other Worldly Worth Wild Causes and those who are supporting them.

Such as Stopping Child Trafficking, Teen & Adult Suicides, Veterans, and others. And those that will eventually come as they begin to Grow and Go through out the world.

Attracting Big Business, Small Business Owners and other Non profit groups. Come check out the ones they have in mind already and are  actively working in and on.

Feel free to donate on their page when you check it out. They support a variety of worth wild causes.

The New Blog is featuring the Vision Project first. Because I am now actively All In again involving myself with Entrepreneurship and studiously trying to; Start up my first full time Business.

The one I have been building Web properties for these last four and a half years.

It was just kind of a hobby; something I was doing to try and get my brain back into shape.

After all the superscription drugs and years of being a hermit in a cave of my own making because of my divorce.

I told myself that I was just playing at becoming a real Business Owner.

Although I told myself repeatedly I was actually going to do it someday. But I really did not hold out to much Hope that it would come to pass. Until this year 2015.

Why? I didn't know what I didn't Know!

I had no systems and did not know where to find them or how to build them correctly. I had No place where I could interact in person or on the phone with anybody.

I had no materials no clue! But now the level of Hope I had has been multiplied by 100% so I am looking for a one hundred fold harvest.

Why you may be asking yourselves did it change?

I wish I knew! I am still struggling with or if; the why and how my Belief has increased as it did.

Was it my New Years Resolution? (2015)

Did I finally and Subconsciously or Consciously said Enough is Enough already! Stop F_cking around here! Lets get this thing done?

I just don't Know! Maybe I finally became the student and the teachers were just appearing. Maybe it was because I never truly gave up. I did give in a few times but never up!

Or was it that I did what Bob Proctor did so many years ago? You know the little 3x5 card in the wallet trick.

If not you may want to seek Bob Proctor's stuff out online today!

I am beginning to believe that things really do happen for a reason. One that we could never not possibly in our little brains and life span come to on are own.

The LORD does move in mysterious ways. I can testify to that! I am not saying I understand it. But I do have a reassurance of It; once again.

I really believe "It!" That all I have been through and all that I will be going through these last 14 + years now! Will create for me an  A+ business that I own and that runs without my Daily presence being necessary.

Then I would be a true business owner and not some Dumb Guy that owns a glorified JOB.

We Started Month Two of Year Two with the Master Mind Partners and I am Thinking very strongly on starting a Group of my own in Porter County IN.

People if your interested in having a business of your own or having a career partnership, maybe a Non profit organization. That you are on the board of, or You are a Pastor heading a congregation somewhere You need so leadership skills and Master minds are the BOMB!.

Maybe You and I could just look into it for to see. Who and what they these Possible Core Members are Interested in doing, learning, and achieving with a Master Mind Group here in Porter County IN...

Its not hard to connect with me. The connections are everywhere. Upon my sites, Blogs, and the Internet!

How interested are you in finding, building, and supporting the "Core Members" [The Foundation] of a Master Mind Group? (219) 241-6107

Tomorrow is promised to no one. That's Nobody! Don't Delay start doing something anything Today! Let us get our Country Back on track and lets get Her working again. The way she was designed to, in the first place.

Hey I am Donald Beres Jr Owner/ Founder of PW&OSfStSM.

I am an American, a US Navy Veteran, and I am a Man of Christ.

I want My Country Back!

The one that is Underneath Him; Our Father and Our GOD. I believe that This will only happen; when we as Business Owners start doing Business again!

And when we start doing It the way business was designed by GOD to be Done.

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