Saturday, March 28, 2015

"Who's to Blame?"~ A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Who's to Blame?

The happenings of the ages, the wars, the destruction

The ups and the downs

History is said: to repeat itself

But, no longer is the world doomed to follow the path of a merry-go-round

Is It

To repeat over and over like a broken record

Because, mankind has found a way to end this repetition

We have invented, an instant cure button

When war breaks out some poor fool will push It and end Our World's problems

Could It Be That

Maybe, just maybe the "King of Kings" will come

Before it is necessary to use that button, before Time is forgotten

Some one once said: to me, "That man is programmed by his environment"

So I ask:

Who is to blame for mankind's destruction?

He that creates his environment

Is It

The environment, that creates him?

A  thought by

Sinbad the Sailor Man