Monday, June 8, 2015

Some Updates and I am Still Here in Indiana!

Well I am Back in the old Van again and Living at my cousin's house in a camper. Still using this old run down laptop an IBM Think pad its still holding on as well.

So I thought since I am no longer stable enough to get to Toast Master's and the Master Mind Groups on a regular basis that I'd try to create and sell some domain names on My Handle is Sinbadthesailorman52

Hey did you get flooded out? If I get to the camper and not eaten alive by the bass that escaped the Pond. I will take some pictures to show you all whats what out in Hebron, IN. Well I was just giving ya's all a head up! I am still at It I am slowed down a little again and barely hanging on but still creeping along. If you don't quit ya can't lose or so they say.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

PS. Don't for get to check out my Domains for sell  On Flippa Dot Com and Buy one or at least bid on one or two.

 CYA Later Taters thanks for stopping by.

I am Back to living out of my Van and in my cusions Camper no water but electric is nice. I will be trying to do some domain name creating and selling. I'll have to wait about 19 days to see what happens here but I am still alive and twitching. If I get a hold of a good computer here soon things may get a little better but I'll suffer a long and I'll sing a song until I do. 

Well I had access to a new Windows 8 system but it got hacked I'll try to get it cleaned up  here in the coming weeks this old IBM is a trooper boy. I think my next one will be one as well If not a think pad an IBM laptop.

Well I lost a great Father figure last week it was unexpected and a tough lose for all involved. If that wasn't bad enough yesterday the rains came and flooded my cousin's six acre lot out I'll try to get some pictures up here after the lighting stops and I wade out to the camper to get my camera. 

They say when it rains it pours. I truly can't wait to meet these wise old people they call "THEY SAY" I think they could teach me more then I care to know.
Well I will try and make the rounds and get my traffic back up at the blogs and Social Sites this Month if They decide to give me a break to get things going again.

I have Put the Domain Up for sale at
And I will be learning about selling and buying Domains to try an earn another passive Stream of Income. I'll be learning what I can here all this month. 

Keep checking on me I may be at my wits end here soon and I just may retire from this never ending quest of mine.  
Well I gots lots to do CYA Later taters Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man