Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Somebody to Share You With"~ By Sinbad the Sailor Man

"Somebody to Share You With"

I almost got it right last night

It was going to be my last try

After all of these years

 of trying

I had her head spinning

All the day long

Looks that would have even melted your stone cold heart

With loving words

Those that needed no defining

Me and my swaggering walk

 I took her to Gepeto's

You know dear, now you need reservations eighteen months in advance 

But, you knew that

We sat at that same table dear, the small elegant one way in the back

The one with the golden silverware and silken napkins

You remember dear

As I teased with you, I do her too

I placed the cream colored velvet box, upon her plate

But only after knocking the bud vase to the floor

 as I did yours

The difference was her ring

It was placed in a misshapen box

One that would reassemble a bracelet or a locket 

For I knew, she knew that I still loved you

And with all my heart

Even though you can not

Physically compete for it anymore

Not, that you would have to

You have beaten out all "Comers"

Jac replaced the bulb; as he did before

 with jewelry light

When she opened the box and sees the thing

 He then hit the lights

Its facets destroy the table setting

With dazzling oh if you could have saw their sparkling

Her smile;

She flooded my heart with pure hope 

and then 

I blew It!

 I was one vowel off

I called my darling Danna, Donna


  I begged for her forgiveness

But with a single finger to my lips

 and tears in her and mine eyes

Yes she said: I am willing to share with you

Her memories


That was It

 I will no longer miss, missing you


Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Sinbad the Sailor Man
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