Monday, June 8, 2015

"Why Didn't I Grow Up to Be Ken?"~ By Sinbad the Sailor Man

You Know I don't think of myself as a person who whines to much but I just had to share this oldie here.

Why didn't I grow up to be Ken?

When I was just a child, I was filled with great notions of Duty and Honor

I played GI Joe's all day long, I never lost a battle, I always won 

The enemy never stood a chance, because I never missed a salute or a flag running up a pole

 I would, advance on fields of plastic men and their artillery

I'd capture each and every bad guy out there; none of them would ever get away

Now, it is me: I am finely getting my chance; I am going to protect our nation

I will fight with pride and honor; I'll die if I must, because it is an ingrained trust

I wish as when I was a child, and got shot dead, that I could hop right back up


Do it all, again for my love ones, at least until this war was won

But, here I am cowering deep inside, hiding from the unseen enemy

Wishing I would have played more with my sisters Barbie dolls

And their, Ken

Although I will tough it out, after all I am an American boy

When we were just kids, we play war from dusk till dawn, GI Joe's and dirt clod fights

We'd even take it as far as strapping on extra clothes and pulling out our BB, guns

We all were hard cases then, now it is the real deal, and I am the only one left

Johnny and Billy have gotten all blown upped, with the rest of our outfit

Heck they never saw it coming; they never heard a thing, just a flash of light


Then a long silent pause, a small hazing fog and a giant creator

Damn it all to hell!

 Why didn't I just grow up and become one of  Barbie's  Kens?


Sinbad the Sailor Man

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