Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Donald Beres Jr.~ "The Biggest Challenge WHY Child?"

I written a short poem for Mark Boersma, of Synergy Solutions he asked if someone might be able to? I do not know if this is what he was thinking but this is what came to me tonight. I dedicated this version of this poem to Mark Boersma a Birth Day gift belated.

It’s a brand new one and as I am a want to be Poet. It will most likely be revised at some point in  Time.

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The Biggest Challenge WHY Child?

What is it you perceive to achieve?
If You do Not Ask of me with belief
How will I Know that you truly believe?
What are you wishing for Child when you say
But Father Please! I do I do Father No pay
What is your Biggest Challenge Son What do you believe?
Again Child what is your Biggest Challenge?
Is it with My one and Only Begotten Son?
Father I do not Yet understand Why
Cry not My Child Your Ignorance is to be expected!
You My Child were stolen away
Forced to live in a land without Stay
No truth to behold None have you found
Since the day that your feet have hit the ground
A system I have put into Place
There is a Devil who goes about without a face
No trace of him can be found But Confusion abounds whispering
Boarder Guards Stationed placed all around
No Ups! No Downs!
 Everything is turned upside Down
Back words thinking all men are sloppy thinkers
Babes who wounder about only unjustified tinkers
Child Listen Close to what I have to Say!
Please Child
I wish not to lose any of you
Do not Cry!
Unto me the questions are Thus
Child you must ask of yourselves Your Brothers
Your Sisters and Your Mothers
Your enemies Too!
The neighbor who bumps into you
Please dear ask  Every single one you meet
What is their biggest challenge
We have always been up here!
But You! My Child have just begun
Down there!

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