Sunday, June 28, 2015

"My College Girlfriend"~ By Sinbad the Sailor Man

"My College Girlfriend"

I remember you

Running home for our appointed lunch hours

Just one block away from that Crazy Dean's Castle

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; halved

Steaming hot, microwaved chicken noodle soup


 Sometimes grilled cheese quartered for dipping in our tomato 

And those silly little oyster crackers

That you'd make me buy


 I had to drive five miles to get those things

And always in rush hour traffic

A full size giant dill pickle halved long ways of course

Though I knew I'd never get my half

But, I was always okay with that

You were studying to be a Marcus Well Be

A T.V. Doctor?

 I would tease you often


I was just graduating from the School of Hard Knocks

We made some time and we made lots of love

And then

You went away

I just was not okay with that

But, my college girlfriend

 I knew, you were going to go

Is love just a state of mind?

What makes it so... great?

I know It is more than the restless sweaty hormones

That which we all have

You learned from those straight and narrow college books

And  Those Professors


I learned from the mean streets of our Chicago town

While driving that damned old taxi around

But, it always makes me glad

 To remember that day you turned those learned people



Choose me

Over them


Could it be

That you just needed me and that old taxi

To get you around in this old town

Either way

My dear, I will love you to the very end.

Thank you

My College Girlfriend


Sinbad the Sailor Man

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