Sunday, March 22, 2015

Work In Progress~ "New Poem" Titled "A Dream is A Terrible Thing!"

New Work in Progress A poem I am working on.

"A Dream is A Terrible Thing!"

How Many Visions have I released?
How many have crept in and out of your befuddled minds?
Why have I wasted my Precious Time?

Three Four One 
For every hour that I proceeded
Three little One's were Lost 
My life of Vanity came at such a great cost

No Heavenly Treasures were yet sown
As my Father tossed skeems and dreams at me
These breadcrumbs succumb
As when or if they are tossed at the birds

I treated the Manna as the feathered beasts
I like them left only turds upon the ground
Mushy wet and messy; crumbs no longer found
Because I succumbed

To the whispering of  and from
The leathery  winged demons
of this
Our Earth

Their leader of their insidious pact
My subtle elder now our brother lost 
Such music whispered upon my ears 
But only once; yet still their soundings brought me tears

Daze and Confused yet only bruised
I settled when these resistors settled in
They magnified every single doubt within an with out
Melted about; defecated icing to top the cake

They decided they too; would try to train my brain
As did they the crabs from escaping their traps
These my Brothers not lost and yet not forgot
Kept me within their pot

How many chances would I have got?
Farther down the line there would be no more Time
No more wine
No more divine

I knew these things too!
And yet wasted I all kines their dreams and skeems
The very ones even I myself
Dreamed and than waited

Pounce and too

A Thought from Sinbad the Sailor Man