Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to My Future ~By Sinbad the Sailor Man

"Back To My Future"

Everything remains the same
The birds still sing and fly
The sun still rises

And it still falls, then sets
The tide still rolls in
And it still slips away, everyday

This earth of ours, it is
Such a well oiled machine
Still to this very day

Flowers sprouting and Still they are blooming
And then dying too
If only I could I would

But everything is still
The same for me
I am lost in history


That was my worst subject in school
I hated it

It always implied
That things were over and done
Like where we are today

Although it was our future
I was looking into
And yet

I don’t know where
That little monkey came from
Or where he, went

But, if I ever track him down
He is a goner
Because, I have a banana

And a bullet, with
His name written upon it
Bad, monkey bad!

I’ll beat him to death
With his own damned wrench
Oh well I’ve a history to get over

For it’s back to my future
With out you
You do know

That I still love you?

Don’t you?

Sinbad the Sailor Man

CYA Later Taters!
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man