Thursday, August 27, 2015

How Do You Become Successful In Your Business? Stay Focused If at all Possible at all Times!


Stay Focused If at all Possible at all Times!

Staying focused has been a horrible experience for me and for some time now.
Because of all the pain pills and anti-inflammatory, drugs I have been on for my Back injures.

The Doctors always said I would need to learn to live with my pain. And I guess if I could have done that and still worked, that would have been okay. But I wanted to be able to work physically again. And I wanted to be pain free, but that was just not going to happen.

Live and Learn!
I did go back to school for a while to learn what I am trying to do now, but in college you got to take all these other courses along with the ones you want to take. The Electives , the minors, and the Majors. If you ask me. It is just a scam set up to make the institutions more and more money by requiring you instead of inspiring you.

Go and figure, Who would of thought prescription drug were bad for you? As I was taken all these drugs for quite some time. I had to change my prescriptions, from Morphine to Oxycotin. This was a big mistake for me, but it needed to be done.

Because as I was starting to have problems with my liver. Another big oh no! But as with most drugs, the side effects sometimes outweigh the benefits.
Go and figure.

The change caused me a lot of confusions and I didn't care. Because the pain was gone and so were all of my ambitions to succeed in something or hell anything!

Well, you can guess what happened next the big "D" the Divorce

Who knows what will creep up on you when you are not paying attention?

Everything Buddy
Everything creeps upon you if you stop paying attention!
So don't, do it. And especially to the persons you love! If you can help it, make sure you do!

Forever keep paying attention to the everyday little stuff, that is what makes the world go round.

In the Military, they drill you  for up to thirteen weeks, [sometimes longer for those who do get it the first go around] with this pay attention to the details.

Pay attention to the details, every little thing, the everyday things, those that make living livable.

This site it is detail orientated because I am detailed orientated or I once was.
That and I am highly visual because that is how I learn the best. By seeing and doing, by succeeding and failing. 

These details are for me as I am using this as a guide for me because I have a broken memory. Which is to say; that if I lose my focus, I will instantly lose my train of thought, my place, or the process/ position of doing what it was I was doing. 

Yes I was dropped on my head when I was younger I fell down the cellar stairs and hit every step as I did. "at least, that is what Grandma once told me". I once when I was about six years old had a photographic memory. 

I think we all do when we are inspired to have one. So I always since then, had a broken short term memory problem. What they are calling  A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.  It might be an injury to one's brain caused by a trauma or poor diet today. Oh well on with the show.  

Yes! You must fail most often more than not. And before you can or will succeed. But never try to fail never! In other words don't set yourself up to fail! 

I guess what I am trying say is you can't circumvent the process Learning how to be successful by designing a failure or planning to fail from the get go. Although Engineers do just these types of test. They don't plan to make the structure fail unless that is the end goal. Say for Demolition purposes.

Start by learning from others who have already failed and then went on to succeed. We Humans are gifted with such an Outstanding brain. That we can learn by and through others and their successes and failures. Find a Mentor, a Coach or an Associate within the field of your endeavors.

So stop sitting there! Get busy! Quit your bitching and moaning! About there is no work or jobs. And I don't know what I want to do yet. Do Something! Try, fail, try again. If you keep failing after so many times you will learn that hey this isn't for me. So move on to bigger and better things or Keep On Keeping On! Until to you do GET IT! "Man"

Go out and create something! Thanks for playing along and singing a song. Hey, it won't take long!  

Somebody Come and Play! Earn as You Learn, Grow as You Go!

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