Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Find a Mentor or an Associate to Learn With and From Masterminds/ Small Clicks in Time! Time Well Served!

Masterminds/ Small Clicks in Time. The Pieces are Just now starting to fall into place. Are you ready to Start making progression into the future of Marketing and building Passive Residual Income Streams? I know I sure am.

Well Folks I am Stepping out of one dimension and into another. I will be promoting some Affiliate Products here in a Different way than what I have been doing.  And I truly hope you Internet Marketing "Want to Be's" who are seekers, pay close attention to what is being offered. The things I have been saying and hinting to these last six years; as I built all the different sections of my Traffic wheel. Are about to be implemented with vigor.

Andrew Murray and Marie Torres have trained thousands of successful students, and built hundreds of websites and funnel for their clients. We love helping average, everyday people create a full-time passive income.  Let us help you go big in your current opportunity!

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I just love the sound of Paypal alerts they are music to mine ears. Sing to me Iphone! I don't have an Iphone  just yet. I am really cheap I mean frugal. But my Android will hum a little note every now and again.

Whether you are brand new or been at it a while grab this here offer and get started educating your self.

New Marketer Tri-Pack (Special Offer)

Limited Time: Get FREE access to our revolutionary "Learn Marketing In 60-Days Or Less" that will transform you from a newbie into a full-time marketer. Regular Price: $197. Yours FREE. NEWLY UPDATED! Tell them Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man sent ya!

I am  in the process of doing this right now today is day four for me and I am already stoked and ready to stay up for hours to learn up there is to be learned before they change their minds and start charging high dollars for this stuff.

I'll give it a few days and then see If I have qualified to promote this Program to you all out there who are desperately seeking all the right stuff.

The New Marketer Tri-Pack is my first special offer to you all! It is a low cost offer as is this next offer. If you remember a while back I watched an Old Video  about putting up my own Kindle books and I then put of two in addition to the Three Chap Books I had created years ago with Bookemon.com.

I can't say much about this product except it caught my eye when I started working around Andrew and his wife Marie these last few days. I am going to get next month as I am out of cash money. And My Credit Card was compromised this Sunday. I wouldn't want to do anything until everything is straighten out with It. Not even this small amount.

But it has to do with ranking your Kindle Products. Sounds pretty darn interesting to me just now as I just created those two Kindle books a week or so a go.

Kindle Rank Comet

Now That I think about it a little I have seen them around here and there a few years ago But I didn't know the extent of their success and their knowledge base. Until just recently I kick myself in the pants now knowing that I had ignore some many different attempts by Andrew and his Marketing to get me involved with what he and Marie were doing. Hindsight really is 20/20.

I just Sent Andrew a Friend request at his LinkedIn Account and Saw a few post I'll be reading once I get the Chance.

Andrew Murray LinkedIn Posts page

well I know a little about a little bit so Getting with someone who knows More is My next step I believe Marie and Andrew might just be the ones. I'll know in about 56 days for sure but until then Keep an eye Out on My Insane Health and Wealth Blog here at Blogger.com

Well I stayed up late tonight or today to get this post out. So I can go to bed and wake up a millionaire. ;o) A guy can dream can't he? Your Damn right and those dreams better be so big that they require GOD's help in getting them done. Payer it never hurts and it will work once you get right with your Father and Creator.

CYA LAter Taters!
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PS I told you that one day I would start promoting things to you It took me awhile to find the things that I was willing to promote. I am hoping I have chose wisely. Will see in 56 days.