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Author's Bio; Donald Beres Jr./ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Who is Sinbad the Sailor Man? Well wouldn't we all like to know, who we really are?

He is nobody special yet, at least not in the writing industry. He was born Donald Beres Jr. in Hammond Indiana,  to Carol Ann (Muskin) Beres and Donald Beres of Pennsylvania.

Donald's Mother divorced his natural father and married Wayne L. Douglas. The couple thought it easier to conceal the fact of his mother's divorce from Donald's natural father.

He was raised in Hobart, Indiana as Donnie Douglas until about the age of sixteen.When he found out that his mother had him by her first husband.

Donnie found this out shortly after attending Hobart Junior High. He took this news in stride but did not realize the damage that this and the lies that followed about his natural father and half sister would eventually unfold later in life.

He attended until his Sophomore year. He Letter in Football and Wrestling during his Freshmen year.

In 1980 he left before graduation to go to Portage Adult Night School so he could join the US Navy with two of his childhood friends; on the Navy's Buddy System.

But because of budget cuts that semester. Donnie was delayed six months and missed going through Boot Camp with his two Buddies.

As a result he would no longer qualify for the twenty yrs and out full retirement. Instead he would need to do thirty years to receive that option. Donnie's two buddies both took full advantage of that option.

On Aug 23rd 1985 Donald was Honorable Discharged from the US Navy.

Donald met Donna L. Se Doris who was seven years his junior in 1998 and in Aug 25th 1990 they were married. They had three children together until their Divorce in  March of 2001.

Donald is still a divorced middle aged man, who has three great kids, one curly headed girl and two boys. Donald is the Grandfather of two one of each a girl and a boy with more on the way. 

He is a US Navy Veteran, a would be Poet, a soon to be freelance writer, he hopes.

He is a dyslectic, he is a dreamer of dreams and an inventor of things, he is a decent pool player, a certified Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver, although he hasn't dove since 1990

He still holds, Certifications in Night diving, Deep diving, Search and Recovery diving, and he is an Underwater Vehicle Specialist, an ex-welder, and a guy who likes to ride Motorcycles. Donald likes to play Eight ball and Nine ball Billiards and has shown a growing interest in One Pocket.

He started writing Poetry way back in Night School 1980. Donald started after a short falling out with his Mother over being lied to about his true identity.  He started writing again, about six months after his divorce. From his wife of ten and a half years.Which he strongly took as a betrayal by his first true love.

He has been writing off and on ever since. He has had several Back Surgeries and others most on his lower back.  Although he was disabled December 1998  and has been on Disability since. He has made several attempts to return to full duty work, but failed and remains on Disability to this day.

He has a very bad short term memory problem, brought on by almost nine years of prescription drug use, mostly pain killers. He has bouts of depression from time to time and has contemplated and attempted suicide twice.

These attempts were early on in his disability. While he was on strong Pain Killers. The ones that one should also be put on anti-depressants with. Donald was not! He attributes his attempts on his life to this lack of proper medication.

Among these annoying problems he has other small annoying ticks and clicks that keep him from holding down any normal nine to five job for too long.

One of his attempts to return to work was as a semi truck driver. He drove for about five months but, his eyes started to fail due to high blood pressure and now he has severe night blindness, so he can't drive semi truck at night any more. He drove a taxi for about five months after getting New Glasses but has since given up on trying to drive commercially.

While Driving over the road his only daughter was Life flighted to Chicago's Children's Hospital from Indiana by helicopter. Donald dropped a load of rubber and drove from Saint Louis Missouri, He stated to his dispatcher the thing is floored and It wasn't stopping until I got there or It burnt up!

His daughter was later diagnosed with Type One Childhood Diabetes. 

Donald is back to writing poetry short stories, and trying different Inter Net jobs, which he has not yet mastered any of those either.

There you have it! Donald States that he is an average guy. With no place to go but up! Because if he gets any lower, they'll have to put him down and in the ground.

"By The Grace of GOD There Go I"

One of Donald's Favorite Bible Quotes

Another of his favorites is

"Unto Death Do We Part"

Sinbad the Sailor Man/ Donald Beres Jr.
 alias "Donnie Douglas"

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The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
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Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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