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The Holy Bible Is Not One Sided Or is it of One View Point!








The Holy Bible Is Not One Sided Or is it of One View Point

The Prince of This Our World

Be Not Fooled Into thinking He Is Not! For He Is!
Be Not Fooled Into thinking He Is Not! For He Is!

Every Work of Man's Hands Is as a Filthy Rag Unto God

Do You Believe Genesis Chapter One and Two are true or that they contradict each other?

If So Why?

Or Do You Believe that Chapter One Is A Poem?

Do Not Take Offensive to the truth of a matter as it is seen from another viewpoint. We are here to Seek and we are to Understand. The Good Book is still Holy. It still contains the truth. But not all of It's text are true, Or are they from GOD only or alone.

Yes GOD is very capable of getting this truth unto you, IF an ONLY IF your are ready to Receive IT, and truly desire IT!

By desiring It fully with all your Heart and Soul as well as your mind and body. Tis no easy task of receiving wisdom. Understanding this Knowledge and how it aids us is another subject. One can be very Knowledgeable and still not possess GOD's Wisdom and/or HIS Truth.

At least the Truth unto the complete story and/or stories that are held within in the GOOD BOOK.

God (Jesus) alone is the Head of our Church. We are all parts unto the church, because it is a many membered Body. The Time is short and there is a need for full disclosure of the Gospel Truths of the Good Book and to Its Stories held within its texts.

I do not possess enough of It (the truth) yet. For it is not given to me to to know all things. But what I have not yet received some other here on earth has! Do not let your right hand know what the other is doing. Why do you think this is?

Does not your right hand know what it is, that the other hand does? Do you not have eyes that see?

The case and point of the matter at hand?

There is a dispute that Is and It has Been since before we were made flesh. To not be aware of these things, makes one lack in the truths of the Good Book.

This is a question I posed just a few hours ago and I see it is already sparking those who do not know either way what is true and what is not. They believe some of the things I state to be way out in left field and this makes it Impossible for some to conceive. That what I am stating is a fact and of the truth.

I did not come to this on my own, or so I do not believe that I have. But it is a Gift from/or of the Holy Spirit or as I have come to call It the "Comforter." So I already know debate and confusion is all about the statements that I have so boldly stated.

Do You Believe Genesis Chapter One and Two Are True?

Or that they contradict each other? If So Why? Or Do You Believe that Chapter One Is A Poem? As some have stated and some do teach.

Genesis Chapter two is about the reformation of the fallen 1/3 of Heaven, that was and this was the Garden of Eden. And the Garden has become Paradise.

Earth was Void and without form. This is Not correct for GOD spoke all of the World into existence in one moment the very first time. Before Time every was.

So earth somehow had become void or It was caused to become void.

More than likely because of the The War in Heaven which caused the Fall of the 1/3 rd of Angels that were cast out from Heaven by the other 2/3rds that did not.

Because they had to retreat from Heaven or they were cast from Heaven by the other 2/3rds of Heaven's host of inhabitants. There was a War in Heaven this we know. I believe this dispute to be It that war.

For we are to still be fighting It here in and on our Earth. Why is so little of this War revealed of in the Good Book? And why is so little of it Taught or Talked about Today?

Do you think GOD would leave this information Out of a book and/or letter that He was writing unto Us?

GOD came unto us as a Man and Not as a GOD, but as a Man. Only He Jesus came as one knowing of and one that possessed the Wisdom of the truth of the Nature of GOD the Father.

And this truth of the Father and Creator of ALL things seen and UN seen is Undeniable.

Why People do you think you hear so little of the Devil or Satan?

In this warning from OUR Father?

We should always remember to take Note of who we are, where we are, and why we are here separated from GOD and the Angels that did not succumb to Lucifer's Lies..

Be not ignorant, of where you are, and who's Rule that you are under. And never forget that you have been given Authority over him and them. Be Not afraid of this Ruler who pretends to be a GOD either! As long as you posses the seal of GOD in/upon your forehead. In your Brain /Mind/Heart. Satan has been order not to harm you Your soul.

When one finds truth, it rings out through out their very being and to their core. It sings, "Yes you have received some truth."  Now continue on and keep seeking more of It. There has been some questions going around here at Hubpages and elsewhere on the Inter-net about "Faith".

Here lately people are desiring True information, and they desire to know what is Faith? And how do you know that you have It? People there is a warning about the End Times that states there will be a Great Famine in the Land.

Now I suggest to you this Famine is for the Bread of Life or the Gospels Truth.

I suggest to you that this Famine is Today occurring through out the World. But it is for truth of all things as well as for the Gospels Truth. Well how do you know anything?

You Feel it! What Faith is, is a Belief with Feelings, either you know or you do not! 

And if you don't feel it. You do not have true faith or I should correctly say mature Faith. For Faith is as a seed,( A Mustard Seed) it grows and it becomes something that you will see and feel. And even be able to use. As did the Apostles, as shown to them by Jesus the Christ and Saviour of the WORLD.

The Complete world. Take notice of the word WORLD and see how subtle the devil is.
 Word Wor (L) d
Lucifer, Liar, Satan, Destroyer.

People really have a hard time understanding GOD and His supreme super natural powers.

In fact None not even those in Heaven fully understand the awesomeness of these Powers. They are infinitesimally infinite. For a lack of a better understanding. He is our UN-Known.

There has been debate for many, many years now. Over these two chapters alone, let alone the rest of the Good Book and the Scriptures.

People, well most of those within the religious sects have very little understanding of who has written and re-written the scriptures, in the first place. And who it is that has been there right in the midst of their scribing, these Books and Scriptures.

As well as every time they were mass produce to be given to this OUR world and those who were to lead it.

Here Within a Prison of Fallen Angels.

These who fell and remain fallen. They are more subtle than ourselves. We have let them take control of our facilities. Where we were once given the Authority over them, they now have it over many places and over many of us.

Spiritual bodies or Angelic bodies do not die! So they were not destroyed in the flood. Until GOD forgets them. NONE of them has die as of yet. Not even the ONE that It is promised too.

Thus The Heaven(s) and the Earth Were Finished

We know GOD knows correct ordering. If we do not! Why and what for do we trust in His truth?
God so plainly states Earth singular and Heavens plural. Why is this? For several reasons I think.

Because I know of the Earth that was and the Heaven that was. And as they were not yet, Fractured or Broken up unto these three parts 3/3= 1. Then 1/3 of Heaven fell. That leaves 2/3 and there was damage no doubt to all three parts of GOD's Heaven.

Well we know the Fallen had to go somewhere other then the Heaven that was. So where did they go? Or where was it they were cast to? We know that this Earth that was before the Fall was whole because there is evidence to it here, within our fossil records.

God never states that this world is only a certain age, because before Time there was No Aging.

Many things Became new or different from the former Heaven and Earth that was Spoken into existence. Where Time did not exist. With this Fall of the Fallen.

The wrath of GOD I never do see it, for I know that a loving GOD such as OUR GOD has no need of it. He has Never showed it before, during, or after the Fall. While establishing "The Correcting Format" please forgive my crude manner of stating the case that is before us all.

Some will say to me then who destroyed the earth? And what about all the text of the story, or all that which is in the Holy Bible, and than to the texts of the Holy Scriptures? I say what of It. Just because it is scribed does not make IT So!

There are those who do teach and have taught all of what they can gleam from these texts. And as it is written. And as it is portrayed, by the men of this world. All of who still even when saved or inspired, fall under the ruling body here on this earth everywhere!

The Powers and Principalities which are mention time and time again.

And that of course, is this (the very one,) that JESUS came and defeated while in the flesh. Death, Satan, Lucifer, The Destroyer and many, many Names he is and was and still answers too. Jesus came as we now are; in the flesh.

To show us the way while we are still in these flesh bodies. AND still till today so few have found and followed in the foot steps of Jesus. Because of the Legal document they have come to Idolize and worship.

Believe me I have fought with these claims before myself, I would Die defending the HOLY Bible as it was and as it still is today as it is an object of this our world and It to is under his rule. But I know Satan has locked himself into a document that he can not back out of now.

And I know all things are possible with GOD.

And with HIM nothing is impossible. And the truth that is hidden within us, It flows as we learn GOD's True Nature. And when we learn the truth of how to discern, GOD's true Nature the truth of the GOOD BOOK Shines as a bright light.

IF you are not seeing It! Get down on your knees and ask to receive it from your Father. Our GOD in Heaven the Creator of all Things Seen and UN seen. Seek ye the truth from HE who is the truth.

If you knock the door shall be open wide. But remember It takes Time to build a relationship of any kind even with GOD it will take some time.

How much time is up to you. It has always been up to you to start and maintain this relationship.
GOD created Eden from the fallen 1/3 of Heaven that did fall, It still Is a place. It is not here on this earth and it never was.

It is guarded by a Cherubim with a Flaming sword of truth. This keeps Satan from the Gates of the other 2/3rds of Heaven. This keeps him and the fallen who did not except the correction of Our Father separated from the other 2/3rds and GOD

Man can not get there, but he came from there. But Man has also fallen from the grace of GOD and has fallen into a world of Lies and Sin. We are all under the Spirit of Correction for we would not yield to IT, when it was called upon us to do so.

So we have all fallen short of the Grace of GOD while we were in Heaven or while we were in the reformed Heaven that fell. Which is the Garden Eden or the now Paradise. They are one in the same place. Earth=1/3, Eden=1/3, and the Heaven that did not Fall =1/3, 3/3= 1

What is it that God saw to be very Good on the sixth Day?

The book says all that he had made. Again this is after the fact of the very first verse of the book of Genesis. In the Beginning GOD created the Heaven and the Earth(Period). Both singular! Not Broken and Not Void.

Step One. Everything that was, was then.

Step Two. (The Fall) Heaven is now broken and the Earth is destroyed by spoiled evil little brats, because they couldn't have their way in Heaven.

Step Three. (GOD repairs and restores all that was.) He sets up an order for to correct the problem and all that has been created by the Fall.

And Now GOD has put the cause of the Fall back In charge Lucifer is overseeing It and has been, ever since the Fall.

What was and is Eden? Well simply put it is Paradise and what is it now Paradise?

All that have pass from this Earth. They are awaiting in Paradise, for they are reserved unto the final Judgment. They have not yet been Judged of by GOD and will not be until Jesus makes all the Fathers Enemies to Bow before HIM. Until Thine enemies become thine foot stool.

Again when the Sixth trump and the sixth seal and the sixth vial are happening.

Both Paradise and the 1/3 of Heaven that did not Fall are locked. No one in or out. Satan is cast back onto our earth where his children are and have been since the first births of Cain and Able.

But be not misguided or misdirected. The sixth day Creations are those that fell and those that did accept the Correction that was then offered.

And Cain and Abel were born here on this our earth. And on the same day making them twins and not years apart as some do teach. We know this for Eve Continued to bare Able after Cain to continue in labor means that there is more than one in the womb. Cain and Able were fraternal Twins One from Satan and one from Adam.

This poem might clear up what happened in the Garden; Two's Lips Become a Flower 

Here is another that might make more clear my thoughts on the Garden story;

Thank you for your time and the read.
 All comments welcome.

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