Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oprah and Her, Jesus is Not The Only Way, Statement!

New Age Dis-pare! There is nothing new about this finding of God or enlightenment stuff. God has never been Lost! The Secrete is not a secrete, it has never been a secrete, to those of God’s chosen people. When the wall falls, it falls on all. The sunshine, shines on all, as well as the gentle breezes and the Gales of September. They shall and will blow upon all of human kind. For all souls belong to God and He loves them All! For He created them and also He, is not a respecter or a differentiator of them. God is not like we Humans! He has no faults, truly He has none!

People have been searching for enlightenment since they first left their mother's sides. From Adam, The Adam and Eve, To Oprah, who has bodily stated that Jesus is not the only way! How could he be! Now mind you I am not a middle class white woman, with time on my hands to watch Oprah religiously, but I still did, why she had good content on her shows, and the which of that has truly petered out, over the last several years. I am a disabled, white, lower class, man or poverty level man. I am a Veteran and a non-denominational Christian. And I have been a non-denominational Christ man or a man of Christ since about thirteen years of age.

I understand where many people like Oprah and myself are coming from when they or we say, I use to be of this church or of this belief. I too was a Baptist, I married a Catholic later in life also. But after I was politely asked to leave my new found Church and religion, at the tender age of about twelve and half. Or about a week or two after being Baptized into this new Church and its beliefs I was utterly crushed mind you by this. I had to leave. For I was Baptized into a new kind of light not of my new Church's liking, I had a revaluation of sorts when that first Baptism took place. I had been studying truly hard, I read and re-read the Good Book as I now call it. For I do not believe the full content to be Holy as do some. I was, as my son is now, and Like him, I too truly desired to serve Our Lord Jesus the Christ and Our Father God in Heaven, with all my heart, I wanted this, as I thought my new found church did. But, as I was saying I was giving a crystal clear thought or at least I, thought it was given to me. For I would find out much later it was not a new belief or thought either.

That night after my Baptism which was very special too me. For I had gotten my mother who was of the Catholic faith to become a Baptist with me! A great Victory for the Lord! Church members would say. Many at this time as they still do today, believe the Catholic Church is fooled at the very least, if not a connotation of the devil's making. Later I would see that my Mother, she did this for me and my belief, and not for herself and her belief, as she would do and did for my sister later on in her life as well, and on her death bed sort of speak. My Mom always believed, you came to know Jesus as He knew you, and you found Him the same way as you would find any friend.

I never understood what she was saying, until about three years ago. Mom you are still teaching me life lessons every day. When I finally had broken down and found a friend in Jesus or He finally got me to see Him for who and what He is, and where He has been all this time. I soundly believe the act of submersion is a necessary thing, But does it need to be of H2O or is it of the spiritual waters? Why take the chance? Jesus did it, and I follow him and it did change my life and put it on a new and narrow path, which has come almost full circle.

I can't say I believe what Oprah believes now. For I surely do not! Not now any ways and I will never again. I found my friend in Jesus. Jesus was placed in me on that baptismal day and He has been whispering and speaking to my heart, each and every minute of every day since. I and I alone have been in the desert with Him, almost forty years as well. I am just beginning to see the promised land. There are many, many, many distractions and slights of hand going on, in our little 1/3 of Gods world and we must never forget! That there is a war going on and it is coming to a head, it is of principalities and strong holds. We must open our eyes and ears to see and hear, The TRUTH and that is what Jesus came and Died for. For to bring you and I the truth, that we are not of this earthly world, this earthly world is an abused Gift. That was given to Lucifer the now Satan in a form of an Honor, and he wants every soul he can steal and/ or destroy, as he has been and is still doing, he has claimed and destroyed so, so, so many already.

Oprah, I hope Jesus can get through to you, Only He can! I hope you will find a silent and peaceful place, to talk to Him and I hope you will do it Today! He is the light and the way Oprah and He will always Be!

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

The Poet has become dishearten at todays so call Christian Leaders and the all-star Believers, so he cried out to the inner man and the inner man heard and together they commanded the outer man of Flesh and he obeyed.