Sunday, August 1, 2010

WordPress Get It, Learn It, Use It!

I am new to WordPress and it will take me some time to read and learn this Blogger's capabilities . But, I all ready know I love It! This Blogger has every thing I want and need, and I haven't even gotten that far into it yet. I have only been here about two weeks now and I can see it's value and worth to/for me and my Ideals. That I have to promote My Poetry.

I will be changing this Blogs name soon I hope to my personal websites domain name:

I think this is Free or reasonably cheap to do, here at

I am now trying to update and revamp my Website: Poetry, Writes, and Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man. I have for the last ten years been looking for ways to make money here on the Inter-Net/The World Wide Web. I have try a few different things, ebay, affiliate programs, and I even built my own store and selling Leather Goods here on the Web.

Well that post, was posted on July 14th. My Daughter's Birth Day. I didn't get to see her than on it or since then. They (my children) are reaching that tender teen age years were daddies aren't all that important. Unless they can finance their wants and needs or take them here or there.

I am not able or have been able for these last ten to twelve years now. Another reason I am trying to get busy and noticed. I have a want, no a need to become the Provider that has been absent from their lives this last decade. And I have committed to try my ass off until Christmas day 2010, I have been at it, everyday now since the third of July 2010.

I have made progress, but no money yet, it's been thirty-days and I have made about three dollars, but from some of the Horror stories I have heard I am doing fairly well for thirty days well almost thirty-days, twenty-eight if we are being correct and we must be when in this business, that we wish to be apart of, advertisement is that business. It is both what gets you seen and makes you the monetary monies you are desiring.

It's all about traffic Not! I have heard this said and in part it is true, but what keeps a person still on the net is what keeps them still in real time and/or real life. That is their interests. Motion and sound with splashes of color is what pauses the reader, but it is not what keeps them reading. So keep and eye on my blogs and on all my sites I have buried info into them every where. As I had to digg it up so shall you, but now you know where it can be found.

As I am learning I will be sharing, It won't cost you anything, but time and reading. Any thing worth having is worth working for or so I always have believed this to be true, you May StumblUpon a tid bit here and there some where else, but search me, watch me, as I climb up and down the engines ladders.

I am already at the top and in the first few pages of their result and have not paid one red cent to be there, but I have put in some time in to stay there as others will try and earn or steal my current positioning . TTFN see ya around the block. I'll be the one leaning upon the walls and reading the Good Book.

Come and play and create with me, watch and see if we can't rock the house with some great content. My friends the tweepeoples, tubers, spacers, and neons are all a like they like to be social, an inter action is what they crave. And this is true from east to west far and wide, Our planet is getting smaller every day.

CYA Later Taters!
Thanks for stopping by.
Somebody Come and Play.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man