Thursday, August 19, 2010

Somebody Come and Play!

Here it is! A sign up page where if you wish you to may join And there try to create and maybe pickup some residual income or at least some extra pocket change once a month.

It is going to take you some time to build up a following. And start receiving monetized funds, but there are many benefits to doing this.

One you'll be getting seen. Two the pathways to your sites and works, will start to develop and ingrain their self into the forest of confusion. Which is the ever growing inter-net.

Think of the WWW and Net as if it were a great garbage pile. Where every known person is dumping there garbage. And then think of all this content and how few the recyclers, junkers, and bums there are digging around in it daily.

They are there to find stuff they can use.

The WWW or Inter-net receives content at a never ending and increasing speed and it literally is burying new and old content every minute of the day!

The content it is there and contained in the dump, but it needs to be sorted, recycled, found, and promoted in order for it to be the Next Big Thing or draw or the new thing or just something worth searching out and viewing again an again.

Net-working is sort of a form of, well its a collective force. Clearing and making pathways and keeping them clear, clean, and then widening these paths so that all the others can find and visit your content, website/blogs, and get to know you and them.

Also if your from the Tri-State area think of the Net and web as the Hi-way being covered with snow during one of our Bluster winter storms here in Northwest Indiana, the snow is falling. (new content)

It is drifting over older content and the Plows are out of salt. [Search engines, book makers, and indexers our flooded daily with new additions and revisions and abandoned websites].

Sometimes the road is clear, sometimes it is drifted over, and very rarely sometimes it is impassable, but this too we know can and does happen. Not as much as in the early  years but still it happens.

The Net is a super Hi-way in the heart of a Tri-State winter storm, almost every day.

So we need to travel those hi-ways and by-ways every day to keep them clear, clean, and dry.

Start building your pathways with content, place it with others who are being seen already daily 24/7

This is how and when you become listed and integrated into the search engines, indexers, and book markers. when you manage your portions of the Hi-way

It works and it is still working for me. But it does get old when you are maintaining It all by yourselves.

Remember when you can automate everything you can.

Delegate when possible and if you can afford It Outsource what you yourself are not as good at.

Better and better with each new post that offers something to and for the readers of them.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Somedody Come and Play get started today! Hey you business people and entrepreneurs! You should already know this and you may be wondering.

How to do this with your content. I just don't have that kind of time available.

Free lancers are everywhere and some are cheaper than others. Some are better then others and some are diamonds in the rough.

Don't be afraid to let somebody run with It a little of course you'll need to keep an eye out but  let it go every now and again.

You maybe trying to relate it to the real world from your own little perspective of the world you live in.

With this electromagnetically charged world there are similar, views  but still totally different views as well.

Images are your key tools, in most promotions. How are they working? Not as well as content or text, Well this is because it is harder for search engines to index them,(Your Images)

Unless they are paid attention to, drawn to, or direct to, the Search engines by your images alt text and your sites is most likely fill with missing alt text for your Images, videos, and such.

The text that supports them. This Text is called an Alt Text  All it is; is a little description of that image, Banner, or Video. Well I got to run because I am under the gun and I am sleepy as well. Good night, good night folks pleasant dreams.

CYA Later Taters!
Thanks for stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man