Monday, August 2, 2010

Where was I yesterday? Just started and taking a day off already.

July 10th 20th 2010
Well this was My family's 41st family reunion and was held here in Griffith Indiana in the US of A. I have missed the last several years for one reason or another. And I should not have. Family is so, so, important, one should always keep those ties bound and tied up tight, it is so easy to become lost within in your own little world, and start to drown in it, while you are sailing the vast and endless Seas

It was a little get together of mostly the Branches here in Indiana and a few of the branches from Illinois and Pennsylvania. Not one of the bigger turn outs, But a fair turn out, I spent all day catching up, joking around, and playing games together with the younger members was a pleasant day plenty of food and drink and we had a band for the evening entertainment and we all danced some .

There was Fishing, and a Bean bag tournament, and a bouncy balloon for the younger children plus much, much, more. So I took a day off to enjoy family and relax and renew my self. I took my laptop planning on showing the Family what I was up too and what I was trying to do, but the Hall didn't have Wi-Fi available inside their building. So that was a dead issue. I wanted to sign them all up with a Facebook account so we could all stay in touch throughout the year better. Well this could have been a day to write and relax while visiting with these folks. As soon as I can afford and keep, a Top of the Line Mobil Device and cell phone I will be getting them, as well as great video recorder. Hey I might see a Double Rainbow or something even better never can tell it could Happen!
Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man