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"My Callous Hands" ~By Sinbad the Sailor Man



My Callous Hands

Has been selected for publication

On July 4th 2010

by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: A poem with Religious Content.

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                      "My Callous Hands"

My callous hands work through out the day
They work continually trying to eek out a position in this old dirty world
In so doing they have become thick and rough and oh so tough
When young I was the world turned so slowly; my hands were ever so smooth
Never ever did I seem so lonely; I was easily relieved and received

But seasoning and wine have me serving time alone
I've callously turned my eyes away from my youthful dreams
Blistered my hands and my mind one might say
I have over worked them

My callous heart it beats precisely and only as it needs
For in younger days it fluttered and dance nearly flew
At every chance of romance it would beat
As native drums would beat; those that were on the path
Singled out from the war of love; now my heart willingly rests

It would not beat at all, if this tongue of mine
Could give up the chocolates and the sweets or the bitters and the wine
Dry, cracked, and scarred I fold these callous hands

On bended knees I plead, Father please, hear me
Dear Lord I am a broken man, please take me, as I am
If you can heal me once again, please do
Use me too, to do your deeds, use me please
For I need, to be needed, yes I do

Dear God in Heaven I am begging of you
Do not let me rot away, here in this dirty old world, today
At least not in this way, broken and torn

A prayer I have written, on my calloused heart
Callously written by, my calloused hands
I send my soul into your hands

Sinbad the Sailor Man

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