Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Spoken With Out Words"` By Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Reflections on a man's inability, to express his words aloud

"Spoken With Out Words"

Be careful dear, as a man I am unable

To speak as, the Poet does

I know you will hear me, if only

You would remember 

As a man I fear the breaking of, my

Glass lips and porcelain heart

So I speak to you, with hands bound, and made of steel

Bound in leather, so you won’t feel

The coldness of their stealing touch

Of your healing and of your passions

My panoplied eyes, search your very soul

To see if the trust, be within you told

Your eyes must hear, they must care

You must not fear for the wants of my heart

It only wishes to share, yet it dares not, dare

For my skin it crawls, low and before your heart

In plain view, I bow about your feet

My head beneath them, when I smile at you

Enabled hearts must be careful dear; as they continually seek

As a man, I am unable to speak, as the poets do

With my glass lips and porcelain heart

My words are, but stones thrown about

They may break your bones, if not pierce your heart

My eyes see your wants; It wants, therefore to speak

But, it is only a porcelain heart

Trampled with, glass lips; and broken shards

Sinbad the Sailor Man


 Inspired by SeaBac 
 Neo.poet’s poem

        “When Touch out Weighs Words”