Saturday, February 6, 2016

"Secretly Seduced was She and Then He" ~A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

A Religious Zealot, Sinbad the Sailor Man's Thoughts on What Happened in the Garden of Eden

Reflections on what happened in the Garden of Eden from a very zestful fanatical believer and the Captain of his own Ship, the fair Lady the "Lover of Lost Souls"

 The garden

Secretly Seduced was She and Then He

There was no apple in the garden of figs

No Law, no inhibitions, there was no sin

To begin the Garden was a place created with out

Where nudity was not seen even though every one there was naked

There where, they could freely partake of every tree, except one

Some one there was under the gun

Some one was being tested; he would turn

Heaven is, what Heaven was

The Garden was it not placed here, on this now our earth?

Oh man what a plan and whose it is

How subtle this devil really is, how cunning, and crafty; to destroy our paradise

He sealed his own fate with one sentence

With a gift every man or woman could have wanted; to be Omnivorous

To be as God to have our eyes wide opened to know that which God does

To truly live forgot she of the Father’s warning not to eat or even to touch

This tree of Knowledge of Good and evil

For when you do you shall surely die

God didn’t say when or why, for time was of no matter then

Until they all disobeyed that clock did not start ticking

Satan didn’t want us to live, to partake, or to share; he wanted us gone

And he still does you all should know and be aware

This is why he did what he did

Oh he was most fair to look upon to every one

God himself said he made him the “full pattern”

Even the angels did not dare test him

Further still he did instruct a third of Heaven

Maybe that is why he was there in the Garden ; for instruction

We’ll have to wait till the conclusion of this our story

Oh little children do not worry

I have read the ending to this story; the first book

I eagerly await, to never see its sequel


A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Sinbad the Sailor Man
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