Saturday, February 6, 2016

"Under the Weeping Willow Tree" ~By Sinbad the Sailor Man

A Story Poem, of Life's Hard Choices and Reflections of Loves Failings, Pro-Life! It Is Not a Choice! 

The author is attempting to relate three generations and never imply a actual personage, but instead an actual time-line of events, common in our world today. Pro-Life! It Is Not a Choice! 


"Under the Weeping Willow Tree"

A gift was given to the world wrapped up with out an ounce of love or joy
It grew a short bit of time until it was found out it might have been a boy

A young wounded child of God or not, taught by society to fear our Father not
This young lass feared the rebuke and the responsibility of bearing such a thing, this ill-gotten fruit

Little Darling labored hard in her decision of life or death she wished to fore go her first real test
She remembered she had always wished to be loved and wondered if she could destroy some others

Dreams, now given away

Poor Little, Darling has never believed in much of anything, she never felt her mother’s touch, for her Mother was put away
Raised in the Hellish Orphanage where the Devil wielded the caretaker’s hands

Poor Little, Darling always thought there was more to this world of filthy lucre and liquor
She has seen it in others, in their mothers eyes, were these too, just lies?

Poor Little, Darling wondered how and why she has lived the life she has lived
In disgust Poor Little, Darling wanted it not for this child she thought she could not love, but in her sadden views

Shown a bit, a little light on the paper that she read, atop of her new found Bible book
In an odd ad that read; please help! Young couple wants child badly they pleaded in desperation

We will pay fifty thousand plus expenses there was a brief description of their qualifications
A young handsome couple with everything money could buy and very thing a child could want

Or so this young, life-lined, schooled, girl thought

Than Poor Little, Darling began to wonder can a soul be bought? Even Christ paid, but He left the choice up to us
What should I do? That she could not decide as she sat on that lonely park bench, the one she had often placed her head in

Her empty folded hands, she clenched as she cried, why? Why me, Lord why, me? What should I do? They could be cruel too
Should I send this child back to you?

Just than came along old Tom a black cat, purring and wagging his tail
Poor Little, Darling knew him all too well, as she sat often and fed him scraps of her scraps

She begun to pet and talk to him when just then, fell upon the thick green lawn, from the heavens above
A baby sparrow’s throne, thrown out from her nest; the young chick had failed to fly her first test

This confused little darling, landed alright, but floundered a bit and then ran under the very bench were Poor Little, Darling and Tom sit
Now Tom was all excited a free lunch he thought, but Poor Little, Darling would not let that old cat go, to claim this prize

So Tom began to meow and too cry, but she held him tight
As Poor Little, Darling sat there and cried a young bearded man passing by asked her why?

Then He seen the fallen sparrow chirping and Tom hissing and clawing
He scooped the young chick up and gently told her to fly back to her low lined nest

Into the Weeping Willow Tree, she fluttered a while and then from out of his hands
This lady of the light she took flight, Poor Little, Darling then let that old cat go

As Tom danced around the bottom of the tree
Poor Little, Darling she turned instantly; to try and thank the young man, but he had to be on his way

As He went He said: ”Have a good day and may The Father bless you”
She wore a slighted smile as He walked away, her decision she just then made

Life is a gift, one mustn’t throw it or give it away

Sinbad the Sailor Man


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Sinbad the Sailor Man
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