Thursday, February 4, 2016

"The Forest of Unacquainted, Indistinguishable Love" ~A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: One Night at the Bar!

The Poet recalls one night at the Bar, he was working at, as a Bouncer and/or Cooler.



"The Forest of Unacquainted, Indistinguishable Love"

In/out, through, and around
Nightly creatures do abound

With lustful thoughts between their ears
A tub of desires, exciting fears, bring tears

A bounty of crimson lips appear
Snow white supple skins, unbridled fears

With Golden Beers and Sparkling Wines
Disregarding Inventions and times

Virgins dance, fully adorned deep within
In only their Birth Day Suits, with wide grins they sin

Darting fingers, tongues and cheeks
Wishful Flavors! Oh how the seek

They salivate to, these Virgins and their Fruits
Who continually dance; within only their Birth Day Suits

Their eyes gorge themselves with sins and wide grins
Pleasures unannounced to them, savoring every ounce

Continually they watch as these virgins bounce
As demons ready themselves to pounce

Sharping blades are silently honed, whilst hidden behind trees
Demons ready themselves to pluck fruit from these busy bees

Exploring every crevice, melting ice, learning every vice
Still quivering bodies fall, limp upon the frosting ground

Where these heathens dancing did once abound
Nothing left within them; heavy breathing is now their only sound

These lovers feasted upon this feast
Held in Honor of the beast

This Orgy fest is now depleted
Every spirit is there; too defeated

Unacquainted love was made without text
Twas love made with or without his hex?

Or was it only lust covered dust?

Now comes the beast who would feast upon these that ceased
Saturated gloves, strangulate, limp and spent until their beating hearts cease

Lungs deflated; bodies defiled and decimated
Ruby red rivers flow, the sacrifice is now completed

Twas it held deep within the woods of Love?

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
JMK's Production


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