Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inter-Net PpC Publisher's, What is it they do?

Inter-net publisher's what are they, basically a publisher, or/and a Middle Man who provides a service to get your content out and seen. As to some of the other Inter-Net Publisher's. They post and maintain and sell ad space and/ or Key words or tags of interest. Which leaves you to create and create. The more time you have to create and not worry about, the Techno geeky stuff. The more money they and you make.

That Techno geeky stuff is looking pretty good now hun? I knew I should have learn it when I had the chance. But it isn't for many of us or even most of us. We who don't want to handle or fuss with it think this is a fair deal. They take 50% right off the top for this work. A little steep right now, but I think it is fair, but hey the supply is endless and the demand is relatively small. Supply is far out weighed by the Demand, People are needed to create the works as compared to those willing to do the work and then what about Quality ? I predict in the coming years the split will lean heavier either way, but which I do not know.

They make money hand over fist compared to you. This is the common thought, but is it true? I don't know, but running and building these social networks. It is costly when they are new. These middle men offer many advertisements along with your content and it's "adwords" a term coin by Google? : a single word or a group of words underlined/or highlighted and linkable too, an ad.

And when someone spends an allotted amount of time or buys from, or clicks on the other ads you get 50% of the income earned on that page.

This is how I understand it, as it is represented from those who are suppose to be in the know. But, it is not always laid out for you the writer/Author as to the use of /or for who the pages employer(s) are and what they are doing or promoting with your content and/or its potential earning power(s.) Yet your content provides a earning potential for you, until you remove it. And for them even after you remove it, for a said amount of time. Or this is what I have noticed, an understood from the terms of use content. That I have look at, so far. These publishers are all about the same in their terminologies here in what they want from you and are willing to pay. But how that is tallied up, I draw a blank here, I Don't understand it other than the 50/ 50 split.

I have only been into it for one week so far now, and the publisher in the European area is hands down beating the site from the Middle Eastern area of the globe. For two reason I would guess, the different monies that they pay in and collect in. Their initial start-ups, their followers and their tastes vs the current ages of the companies, maybe a factor here too.

I'll try to learn as much as I can in the coming weeks and pass it along.

Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man