Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A tip for the Day: Copy and Paste is your Best friend!

Don't forget to use it every chance you have! It will save you hours of typing.

Also have a least two Browsers to access the WWW with. If one is acting up the other is usually still accessible. I like Fire Fox and Konqueror with Microsoft's Explorer as my back-up or my Goto Guy also two different, Operating systems is always nice, and tons of storage! Internal and External.

It is not all needed all at once. But it is something to plan on and Keep it in your mind, If you lose the ability to connect to the web. You lose the opportunity to control your sites, and to learn the next new hot trend. That you may use to post about, write about or give your opinion about. So How can you be about IT! If you can't access It? Your Computer has now become your best Tool there are Others, Your Cell Phones with Inter-net abilities and the Local Library. Get a Library Card! You can start from the Library, it is your best resource and then the Net

Tip for the day Copy and Paste, two Operating systems, extra storage and knowing where and how to get Help.