Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tip for the Day watch your Courser!

When starting out we all know next to nothing! We are all just babes crawling around trying to figure things out. So we need to touch everything and taste and handle, all new things that we encounter. This is why Programs and Websites give away Beta's and basic copies of their programs. To encourage the young and fearful babes to reach out and touch etc, etc.

So when I say watch your courser, watch it close when it Changes it is telling you Hey! Click on me ! Come Look and see, what I can do! Now you will learn too, as the child who gets burnt for the first time. What they touch; that flame, Ouch! What to and what not To Touch!

You will also learn the power of No! and Yes! Trial and errors will and have to be made; for you to grow, this is and has been the "Norm"! So expect It and learn to let it slide off your back as water off a duck. Prove all things test all things, keep the Good what works for you and neither consider or give place to the Bad let it go! If it doesn't work for you its is not working for your business.

K.I.S.S. at all times and levels of your progressions. No need to invent the wheel! or fix, that which is not broken! Copy No! model your self after the Big Three ! Father Son and Holy Spirit or your Choice! Of who and what you wish to be like or be as., an imitate. Oh for those who have not check me and my sites and social networks K.I.S.S. is a well known tip or hint by us doers, as Keep It Simple Stupid!

One of The Girls, I know at my local bar, a Bar tender friend and Pool pal. Likes this Catch phrase here. "Ah! Rub Some Dirt On It" and get over it! Is what she is basically implying, usually after she has whooped us at a game of eight ball. She is a rather good shooter, so we other players "Guys" mostly try to play it down when she does kick are asses.

The point! Well the point is there is always some one bigger and better and so, Sew buttons on it! or SO Big Freaking Deal! That does not mean you should not take that first step! Get to your knees crawl and hang on to the furniture, till you can walk on your own. Some learn by watching and reading and most of us learn by doing and trying! But as we mature, we will do better to investigate and ask a lot of damn questions, for our young bodies bruise way to easy and we don't like it.

So Just Do it! And then learn to do it, better and then work smart and not hard! Buy Low and Sell High! I always wonder what my uncle implied by that phrase. At first I though he was belittling the Jewish people or making light of them in some way. But I think not, now knowing a little more of him, then I did from then. Buy low sell high, work smart and not hard get in for as little as you can, make the most of what you got or learn, look before you leap! Watch and learn before you try to earn. Hey I know we have all heard these sayings. So why didn't we head them?

The world is full of winners, whiners, and losers. Which are you and which one do you, want to be? Oh I have run on and on again, much like my sentences, but this is much more than I wanted to share with you today, so keep watching, and keep searching for these nuggets, they are everywhere even in the poems and writes themselves. Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man K.I.S.S.!

Newbies, and babies the walk of life and the fear of that first step, get to stepping people! Change your mind and change your life.