Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sinbad the Sailor Man's Interest with the "Rhime of the "The" Ancient Mariner" Part 1 Verses 3&4

"Rhime of the "The" Ancient Mariner" Part 1 Verses 3&4

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A dissection by a religious Zealot, the Captain of his own ship, the fair lady the "Lover of Lost Souls" Captain Sinbad, the Sailor Man

A forum I found at http://gradesaver.com/

I will attempt to explain; How I a Man of faith view a poem written by a Schooled man of Faith, and in a time of worries.

This is just some thing that I was struck to do, and so I did it! And I will try to complete the whole write. This is a rather Lengthy Write and this will take me some time to complete, as I am rather busy building my empire .
No offense is intended or was meant I just like this write and what it made me feel and see.
Thank you Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man