Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The personal website, that may make or can make you pocket change!

Today the website business is booming. People from all walks of Life are getting into it and succeeding at it. So how can you? You may be asking yourself and that is a very good question. I have try several things and failed miserably. From affiliate programs and a web store that I designed and built with Yahoo site builder, back in 2003. I have tried an already to buy web site, These are usually like a penny or dollar store. I tried ebay.com and did Okay, but it was more then I was able to keep up with.

My main problem is focus, I have been injured several times and have had three Back surgeries, to my lower back. And as a result of them, I have been on many, many, different Pain Meds. The which, that have slowed my memory processor, way down. I have a lot of short term memory problems. So I needed some thing I could do and stay focused on. What prey tell might that be? You may be asking yourself, right this second, is that?

Well for me it was my self pity and misery, I have not been able to shake it to easily, but after nine and a half years I am about done with it I think. What you may be asking is wrong with this Guy? Well it was a chain of events, the three injuries, the move from Indiana to Las Vegas and back. The deaths of key family members and then my Divorce. My lack of finances, ect, ect. So why are you telling us this ?

Well I have been self Medicating with Poetry. I didn't ever let people see my writes before. Unless they were very close to me. Because I am a very poor speller and I have dyslexia, so I have a hard time with correct grammar and spelling. Thank God Ole Mighty for spell checkers and websites. Like Neopoet.com I am not to awful bright, but I am not all that dim either.

So get to the point already! Okay, I am getting there, I think. Okay calm down I stumbled upon pay per clicks and search engines and Meta Tags an their abilities to drive traffic back in 2003. That is what got me started trying to make money here on the Web. So after many attempts and failures I gave up got mad and started up and quite. Prayed about it. Pouted about it, and shouted about it. And then finally I think I got some thing that will work for me, and all the info I have accumulated over these pass nine and a half years while sulking.

What is that ?I am sorry I have read so many web sellers sites, that I am imitating them and their way of dogging the point. Content is my point I have piled up endless amounts of text in the forms of writes and poems and journals and dreams and things. So you may be saying so! How does that make you and your site money or pocket change ?

Well hey calm down I tell ya give me a minute. I have a split personality and he gets grumpy if you rush him. Sinbad is his name, he is a Sailor and a Man who writes, all the time. He is tried of being broke and so am I so we got together and started posting his write and stories on Pay Per Click Publishing sites.

What is a pay per click Publisher well it is a mobile bill board for ad's. The new way to advertise on the World Wide Web. Tenths of pennies are paid for hits and traffic drives and pennies or percents of pennies per hit and pennies and up for purchases that your content delivered, to the site and/or businesses that sold the product. Note: These facts and amounts are examples only! They are not factual they are just to give you the feel of how the systems work and are working.

Let me remind you also, this is coming from off the top of my head or on the Fly and not the Sly. Sorry that was Sinbad, and not Donnie although it is hard to tell which one of us is and knows what is going on. So this is my way of showing and telling you, what content is. You've been reading it, although this is very long content, what most pay per clicks are looking for are. Is what I do, rather short Poems and stories. Why well they don't take up as much space on their systems that these others do and they hold the reader longer then these very long writes. And they will and do produce as much as say a short story, that people will come back to read and reread. The y don't make you or I the author/seller the big payout that you here tell about though, That 5,000 dollar a month check! For an ad with tons of words, is problematic. This is, it is not going to happen over night, if you don't have the content with the best appeal and quality. Which will move the reader to the "Click" and the purchases, that make them the posters and publishers their share of "The Money."

So why do I write this stuff? Well I have a lot of it laying around already and it comes easy to me. It will make me pennies daily, weekly, monthly, and annually as long as it is posted and I monitor it. These sites are like todays banks, if the account becomes dormant they, sifter it out and claim the money and the rights to the money. As long as they maintenance your works or until you discontinue or reclaim these rights. So always read the terms carefully. And maintain you works, and "will" them and there rights when you can. This is truly when your content becomes a residual money making machine. Like the gum ball machine, in a hundred different stores, all at the same time producing pennies. Except once placed, it is never depleted or needs to be restocked. It may from time to time need be reintroduce.

Once you have content or if you are able to produce content easily. You will need away to share your content without spamming or being a complete nuance to your social groups. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, ect, ect. So you need a venue that will do that for you. Twitter is a great place to post all day long, your links to your content. Facebook on the other hand will be less tolerant with you, for the smaller the amount/of people in your group or click / block , of friends is. The less likely they'll stick around your wall. For they may get rid of you or flock to you depending how you inter act within that community. Myspace and Youtube I am currently not able to participate in, so I can't give any insights just yet. This is because of the inability I have at the moment to update my Browser from the operating system I am using.

Oh yes always, always if you can afford it, get a hard firewall and an Anti-Virus package. They will save you a lot of heartache and protect your work from being lost and/or stolen. Get a Blog or two, you shouldn't try to get thirty blogs and half ass them. They'll do you little to no good, if they aren't read or followed. WordPress.com has a free blog or blogs with many features and it is upgradeable. This is what I am using here.

And then you will need a place to publish your content. You can see where I do, by looking at my blog posts and their links. Contain in these posts, they are wikinut.com and Triond.com These links are also on my Twitter account and Facebook and any other social Network I can post to, at any given time of the day or night. I am using only two publishers right this second. For I want an even balance. So I can see which is the one on which, I will be putting my best work. I just started with these publishers this year. And this month of July 2010 I have already topped 1,8 00 plus hits, between the two of them. My content in these past three weeks, have only made about One US Dollar. Between the both of them, as of July 18th 2010

But remember I have a very small window that the Web can peer into and spot me. As a matter of fact it might better be described as a peep hole. With the Web on the outside of my door, trying to peep in and see me some where inside, through that peep hole. Well this is a little longer post then I wanted, so I'll leave you to try and decipher what it is, I am trying and was saying to you. Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man

Personal websites that make or can make you some pocket change.