Friday, July 30, 2010

Tags and there importance to the author's of them.

Tags! What is a tag, well it is a golden nugget if you are asking me . Tags are little links which will take you to related Blogs, items, subjects, and helps refine the search Engine's search as it searches for: as like content. They should appear in every post you make! Learning how and which tag(s) is just a matter of practice and trial and error.

If you see links in searches you have made on finding your sites such as this one.

repeat the search with the omitted results included
. copy and past it place it in a blog message like this one and help your readers find your other content.

Same and like tags will relate same and like content.

Tags can be a single word usually one taken from the content its self, but not always,. Tags can be a simple phrase or even a short paragraph, not often use takes up to much space and detracts from the other tag, or tags.

The best Tag in my opinion is the Tag that no one is using and is contain in your content Short one word tags are best, but don't miss that opportunity to use a catch phrase from your content or a short "Quote" by You!

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