Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sundays Blog at Neopoet.com July 25th 2010

I am always busy this last three weeks,I have been at it around the clock and it seems to be picking up, with very new trick and tip and hints that I learn from my publishers’ content. We all Know I am a little slow when it comes to reading the instructions of the sites benefits. I guess because I learn best and good when I just do it. Most sites are so forgiving in this my flaws.

I am a, try and fail guy or a hands on guy . What you see is what you get ! I am hoping to get the last of my post ables poems up by the middle of Aug. I have set a Goal of 3,000 tweeters by x-mas and since setting the goal I have Been getting ten to fifteen new followers a 24 hr period. This to me is awesome because I have never been over 50 twee-peoples ever, in these last five years, When I took the time to playing on this computer thingy. I found my share buttons by mistake and now have a rapid fire way of sharing my content. I’ve signed up with Stumble Upon another great site very good! and Adthis also a great tool!

You Know if I could remember to remember to read the stuff I’ve taking notes on, I would be farther than I am. I should be reaching my ten thousand mark badge, at wikinut by the middle of next week. Boy I need some coffee one moment please. I hope and I pray. when this happens I shall have fifty arts. posted these are my poems and experiences and columns, which I didn’t know I had in me or thought I could do, but people are reading me. I’ve expanded a little from just poems and am starting to get comments in my blogs.

My website is still running low on content and needs to be updated with half of these blogs info I am not too concern about that yet it still hasn’t receive enough traffic to be worried about yet, my main traffic comes from my Blogs. Then this new site Stumble Upon and the Neopoet, face book, twitter, my mail box, and two off the stream sites from the web with repost or ping backs. These are of my poems 3 at one, and 4 at the other, and my site is just before them with 5 hits for this month so far. So I know this is not what one thinks about when self publishing.

But! After reading some of that book I picked up at the Good will store called “Dear Editor” the first fifty years. I began to think hey they started a new venue(s) and it still exists till today, we can mirror them by using Neopoet as are Editor, base home. we can Not only bring Poets together we can promote are members and validate their content with what is already in place here Now! With plenty of room for growth into Maybe say Hard copy collections of individual works, But that is a little further up the street.

Well if your going to Dream, dream big. Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man

I am now Self Published I am! So I have to do the promoting I also get to do the chosen and with the amount of content we have we can blitz, the completion. If we follow certain set steps A,B,C, and 1,2,3’s a dream able dream if we all begin to dream the same dream. Plus real time editing of your content and revisions are very doable. So you always have the opportunity to improve what is in the publics eyes and then the older version just fades away. Well see ya around the Block For the wheels of fortunes are stuck easily in the mud and the muck, but I shall get them out. Even if I got to do it all alone “I will” said the salty old sailor.

I am a, try and fail guy or a hands on guy. What you see is what you get! I guess, because I learn best and good when I just do it, most sites are so forgiving in these my flaws.