Sunday, January 3, 2016

"A Limbo Before Hell" ~A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

Poetry: Reflections of a Soul's Torment and Guilt

Reflections of a Soul before his, entering into the "Lake of Fire" and Everlasting Torment.


"A Limbo Before Hell"

I spied the immortal angel of death last night
I danced after him, after our fatal fight

The angel I saw was in disguise
He came to me as one of mercy, and one who was wise

As if in a dream, he came to me possessing the image of
Your elegant self, he came bearing gifts and kisses

With tears of remission, “ah but, him come too late”
For I was already stone cold, and turned immortal

And you were on your way, as always slow as the turtle

I awoke lost in the darkness, strung unto the greasy beam
It was set high and above a sea of moaning faces; oh how they gleamed

A dimly lit star was the only thing set above me

The beam on fire, tossing, and turning
Facing the faces that were moaning

I was strung upon it like that Jesus guy
Like he on his cross was, I

But, mine was a single board
Cut from deadwood a cord

That is continually singing down
Arms wide and feet dangling down

I was wearing a crown
My, own crown

Suspended over the oceans of sorrowing, souring faces
Souls dressed up and upwardly facing

I was set a fire and proclaiming no guilt as I spoke
But yet, I was not consumed, just pained and poked

The pain only weakened by the faces below
As each one proclaimed his history of woes

They revealed the unjust hurts, that they received
At the hands of their lovers, and this world of ours we all so believed

Now bathing in their and mine; our own proclamations, which only adds to our sting
We volley continuously for placement upon this beam

I have held this spot, upon this altar as long as I can remember
For now, it is all I can remember

As I am pushed to the floor, these oceans roar

As they rock and they roll; they all pull me under

For now my lover, she soars onto the beam

And then when there, I alone return unto the ocean’s floor demeaned

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

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Sinbad the Sailor Man
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