Saturday, January 30, 2016

"The Alliance" ~By Sinbad the Sailor Man

And you would take and I did give; for it was my duty. My eyes delighted in your raw naked beauty.

 An Alliance Reborn or Torn Again? Reflections of a Lovers Dance. 


The Alliance

All you ever wanted was everything I had
All I wanted was everything you would give

And you would take and I did give; for it was my duty
My eyes delighted in your raw naked beauty

As a blind mans dream seen for the first time
I bled poetry in rhythm and rhyme

My ears sung and hummed
Listening to your eyes, their lies

With every word they almost spoke, the truth
Never felt I the hangman’s noose

My kindness, my haggard appearance
My pride it stiffens and swells

It becomes a Battle Axe
Swung by an unholy man

Only time will heal and tell

The screaming tips of my fingers
Over run my brain, nearly driving me insane

With ensuing flames of anticipation
A sensory over load takes control

Danger grows in leaps and bounds
The speaking of no words; I was confound

Our heated fields of wavering flesh in-twined
As every patch of home-land is explored, then invaded

Trampled with scouts of flesh covered bones
Blood rushing through out our hollowed shells

Emptiness and soundings, remembered smells
A dwelling place between Heaven and Hell

Almost exploding the musk
And the perfume of sweet sweat

The increasing warmth
Raising temps

Swelling silence melts
The brushing of pelts

Buds harden
We two attack the others

With our most deadly lips
We wrestle for our positions

The story unfolds
Boldly it is retold

On their sides
Rolling over

Onto their backs
Yielding to the other

In defeat writs become mangled
Their hands clenched and entangled

No more the aggression
No more possessing

Timing on cue
A lovers dance

Begins or ends again
And then so does

The defiance of
The Alliance too

Sinbad the Sailor Man

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The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
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