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"Sinbad the Sailor Man's Interest with the "Rhime of the "The" Ancient Mariner" Part 1 Verses 13 &14" ~Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Sinbad the Sailor Man's Interest with the "Rhime of the "The" Ancient Mariner" Part 1 Verses 13 &14

"The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Coleridge

A dissection by a religious Zealot, the Captain of his own ship, the fair lady the "Lover of Lost Souls" Captain Sinbad, the Sailor Man

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I will attempt to explain; How I a Man of faith view a poem written by a Schooled man of Faith, and in a time of worries.


A dissection by a religious Zealot! Captain Sinbad, the Sailor Man

Again I will remind you all, I have no formal teachings on the theology of the Christian faith or its so claimed Church. But I do read the Good Book from time to time and listen a lot to what others have to say about the legal Document they have come to worship, the Holy Bible. I on the other hand prefer the Story of the Book and the Stories contain within in IT. I believe the truth is hidden within the story. And as you come to believe with Faith and accept the Truth of the nature of God and His only begotten Son the Lord Jesus, the Christ and the Saviour of us all! You may also see what I see.

Part I Verse 13 of the dissection of "The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" by Captain Sinbad, the Sailor Man

Verse 13 of part One

And now there came both mist and snow,

And it grew wondrous cold:

And ice, mast-high, came floating by,

As green as emerald.

As I have stated before the information I will depict and share is all questionable and opinionated by the Inner man of Spirit and not the outer man of Flesh and it will require meditation and asking of the Father and His comforter the Holy Spirit, to see the parallels of this poem and the Good Book's Story. Sinbad is a Religious Zealot, filled with zeal for the story. He has a depth about him that others may or may not, a true gift? Maybe or maybe he is just nuts, but I think he is not. Donnie

And now there came both mist and snow,

Now we start to get into a deeper depth here, the verses become less obvious and go into a deeper discernment of the whole verse. A break down of line by line may seem to confuse more then to reveal, so notice there are three elements discussed in this verse.

Mist, Snow, and Ice.
Aside from the obvious Father, Son, and Holy Ghost there are deeper meanings in play here. They are states of being as well as conditions of being. Notice the author is selective of these things. A ship, A captain, at sea this would imply back in these times, when this poem or write was written, many things to the different readers.

One the Captain is the Top Dog on this ship, he is as a God what he says goes, he is responsible for everyones wellbeing, their lives and their actions.

The ship is surrounded by water, salt water to boot, this water it can't be used for anything in its natural state. The ship relies on the wind to move. It is also holding to it's provisions and crew, without either it becomes lifeless.

I just needed you to see what the readers would have know in uncertain terms A ship at sea with a Captain and crew carrying passengers and cargo.

Now Mist is many things, small water droplets, fresh water at that, it is blinding so it causes confusion, it is cold and damp even if the sun is shinning. It is still all these things. Snow is colder still, but light and soft, and gentle, but also blinding and can bury and hide things with great weight.

This I believe is the author trying to hint at what this Captain is doing to the Passengers and to some of the crew. He has left the ice out, but will bring it back as a new description.

And it grew wondrous cold:

Remember this Ship is on a course, an as it sails away from the north because they are fleeing south ward. Way south, it begins to grow colder and colder. when using a compass at sea the first thing the average person knows is the Northern Star, that it is the key to finding ones way on the sea. It is the brightest star so when you find it, then you can find the others, by which you then may find your way.

So what? So buttons on your pants that what. Theres a relationship here for the bible reader, our North Star is our Jesus he leads us to where we all want to go and that is where these people are fleeing from. Now today there is much confusion as to who Jesus is, but not as much so to these schooled Christians of the times. Now that is not to say the common man would have grasped any more then, then he does now. But to whoever this poem or write was being deliver to it would eventually mean a great deal, but first they would have to decipher it as we are now doing.

And ice, mast-high, came floating by,

Now I have stated this will often times dip deep into ones own knowledge of the Good Book and the story and its bits and pieces of story lines and the putting together of the story. It is not all known by anyone in particular I believe. Other then those who have been fully aware since the beginning of it, and there are some still here. Who are chained here they can't leave here except to go straight to the Father. So let us try and break this down here for ya all.

It is known by Bible scholars that God is so Large, and so Just, and so Truthful, etc, etc. that he uses the earth as a foot stool or he will some day soon. So the Biggest or tallest thing upon the ship is the mast while it is out at sea that is the scale by what every thing else is measured.

Ice again is a form of water, which is a form of spirit which depicts God's Spirit not GOD himself, but His spirit. Most would say air is the spirit they would be wrong the division is of waters it is always been of waters even the firmaments are contain within these waters.

This spirit even moves upon the face of the waters just like in the book of Genesis: Chapter one verse two. Now I rarely do use scripture any more, but I do known most of it fairly well, when my brain is working. How so everything here is saturated with waters the air we breath to the very core of the earth and beyond our own galaxies we are fish in a bowl true we can only survive in our own fluid space. This fluid is known as waters, God separated them all for a reason, to maintain a division so he could do some correcting, within each level or type of water.

As green as emerald.

Okay so did you ever wonder why we Christians really started cutting down millions of Evergreens and sticking them in are homes at a Time that is suppose to represent the birth of Christ? Well here it goes, God has been related as an evergreen or a great fir tree at least once or twice within the good book, so the tree represents GOD the Father standing in your home.

There all the promises contain with in the book are to come to pass. Just as the date of The Lords conception December 25th it is not the delivery date or the actual birthing date, that was meant to be celebrated, but the conception date and that date is confirm through John the Baptist leaping within His mothers womb.

Now remember time is meaningless as far as GOD is concern, it is for us, so this date can be nailed down with in the week and the day that was set is just a day, it will pass away as well as every other day, the importance is within the confirmation of the child call John when Mary came to visit. That date too could have been a 48 hr. or 72 hr. spread, but life has always been Gods secrete only He knows the day and the hour of your birth and death.

Part I Verse 14 of the dissection of "The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" by Captain Sinbad, the Sailor Man

Verse 14 of part One

And through the drifts the snowy clifts

Did send a dismal sheen:

Nor shapes of men nor beasts we ken-

The ice was all between.

Also I would ask you remember that these were dangerous times for poets and authors with conflicting interest with the Church/ Government of this Authors time. So give some special thought to misspelled and worded phrases this poet was very well read and a scholar as well he knew very well what he was doing with these devices. I would guess the original work was hand written and for a select party of peoples so it would have been made to be stealthy.

And through the drifts the snowy clifts

Notice the misspelled (Cliffs ) c lifts again it is not because the Author Can't spell or accidentally misspelled this word as most would think. He did it deliberately for a certain purpose. Now as I said before these would have been made to be stealthy as not to give an ear to those who would turn this write against them unto death so some of the write may never have been reveal to certain members as well just for the sake of fear.

But, as I am reading this I am remember the author telling me the case of a Captain and a Ship that has set itself apart from the one who had it commissioned in the first place. I am remembering who is telling who the story and why he is now telling it, right before the final actions, when the Marriage is about to be sealed and completed. What God has joined together let No man separate. This is a high ranking Cherubim demoted to the lowest ranking angel or the highest Man, Satan is the one telling the story and he is telling his version which is not fully true. He is also telling it to GOD the Father before he is sentenced to death. But through out the write so far Satan has not even thought about repenting.

So on with the dissection:

And through the drifts the snowy clifts

At sea their is no snow drifts or cliffs their is only shadows and blindness and bitter cold. I am only guessing now, but I believe the Author is implying that The Fathers is settling down and shinning a little light unto and upon this Ship for the sake of its Passengers and the innocent crew members. The misspelled Cliffs is the key in this verse (c lifts) Lifts being the new word which implies an action by some ONE.

Did send a dismal sheen:

God sent a flash an is revealing a light or fact, straight to the Captain, dismal a gloomy darkness an out come for this action, it is a warning. Which Satan understands, but he keeps ignoring the warnings and the calls to repent, to turn around.

Nor shapes of men nor beasts we ken-

Again depending on How much you have come to know and believe the verse may lose you quickly. Some have Heard it said by Jesus that we are not given or promise to any in Heaven for several reasons the prime being we are no longer male and female, but return to are former state of being which is as God's children. We become all in all so we are all things to every one and none belong to any, But all belong to GOD the Father.
So if you can chew that up and swallow it and hopefully digest it you begin to see the depth of this write.

Nor shapes of men nor beasts we ken-

This line is hinting to the reconstruction or the restriction of these former children of God's they have now become Satan's by choice or by deception. So God has restricted them and has contained them upon this Ship our planet. Satan is saying to the father he never knew that he could be contained in such a way.

The ice was all between.

There are some that think that Satan is testing Gods limits and abilities trying to learn as much as he possible can. Some of us think Satan is still teaching all of us. I think he has become Broken by choice, but that is just me I guess. Yes I think Satan thinks, he has a chance against GOD and that is what is so terrifying about This one, is that he has initiated that challenge and that is were we are, in the middle of that Challenge the prize being OUR souls to the Victor. This is why I find the Phrases that God has said so comforting "I will never leave or Forsake you" I am with you always, Cast you troubles upon me etc,etc.

The ice was all between.

Ice again is a reference to GOD as is water, Mist, snow, rain, seas, lakes, oceans, the deep, rivers, streams, etc, etc. Ice implies cold and hard solid. Satan is saying God has become Cold and Hard UN-bending, UN- yielding on this one point. and he doesn't understand why so he thinks he should have his way. Satan is saying to GOD that he wants to do with us as he wills and not as God wills, Satan has Chosen to run and Make a stand at Gods Favorite place in all HIS creation and that is were we are today. On a Planet God created which happens to be His favorite one being held hostage and as a prize to be won.

was all between.

This is Satan saying or stating that no mater were or how he goes GOD is already there. But yet Still Satan will not give up and Repent!

I make no claims to know or to be any one special in this dissection.

This is just some thing that I was struck to do, and so I did it! And I will try to complete the whole write.

This is a rather lengthy Write and this will take me some time to complete, as I am rather busy building my empire .
No offense is intended or was meant I just like this write and what it made me feel and see. Thank you Donnie/Sinbad the Sailor Man

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