Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Poetry: A Remembrance of Donald the falling brother of the Arched Angel Michael" ~A Remembrance of Donald

Poetry: A remembrance of Donald the falling brother of the Arched Angel Michael

But, Donald has not really fallen, he was lead out from Heaven by his brother Michael (the Lords forward Angel, Donald’s twin) and Gabriel. (God’s Messenger)

Michael and Gabriel take Donald out from Heaven’s Gates, and toss him to earth just before Satan’s betrayal “of Boasting Pride” and his turning of a third of Heaven’s inhabitants. 



I lost my dear brother that day, my better half

I was betrayed to the sea of men

And no longer do I defend, the great halls in Heaven

That twisted day, I was thrown down and away, from his memory

And now am i gone this price, it had to be paid

i was young and naive, unlike my shadow

My pride i fully followed the others, like a goat on a rope

Unknowingly being towed to an alter

A sacrifice, that would have split the heavens in half

It would have caused a great slaughter, and disrupted the rule

Following the leaders rule we were, all just angels then

And the one man deionized, we called him The Adam

Then the Evening came, the plot was thickened

Grabbed away from those who would, betray that day

i was hid in, the plain sight of day

Cast amongst the waters now, i sail these oceans blue

Those who have won, call me Sinbad for sin is not good

I was once, and now just, I am plain Donald a brother too

Michael, now our Lord’s one and only Warrior

An Arched Angel, he was raised up

An i was cast down, but half way

The first twins set in Heaven, before and behind our Lord

I Donald was betrayed, by Lucifer

He who ruled the third most part of Heaven

And now I am fallen; nor more, than an angel, I must keep the balance even

Until the "Lord’s Day" of reckoning

But, hidden among men i,... I am not one of them

Therefore a Sailor

On the waves of endless men

A Remembrance of Donald

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